Alternative Studies

This page includes a series of posts which will consist of translations and excerpts from the communiques, statements, pamphlets and other literature from left-wing political parties in the Arab world, especially Tunisia (others as well, Egypt, Algeria and Mauritania in particular). The selections will focus on foreign policy, women’s issues, relations with other political factions (mainly Islamists and other leftist tendencies), ideology, rhetoric and general worldview. The purpose of this series is to put into English elements of the contemporary Arab political discourse which are generally neglected in western and English-language reportage and analysis while the of Islamist tendency receives extensive, if not excessive coverage. The translations in this series should not be taken as this blogger endorsing or promoting the content of particular materials: the objective is to increase access to and understanding of the contemporary Arab left by making its perspectives known, especially in areas of interest and relevance to English-speakers. This series will include both leftist and Arab nationalist [party] documents, statements, communiques, articles and so on. The series will attempt to touch on as many of the main (and interesting) leftist parties as possible.

Notes RE: The Mauritanian Baʿth [Click the following link to download “An Overview of the Baʿthist Tendencies in Mauritania” in PDF format.]

Ideas for Post Series: R&FP&P Phase II; Arab left-wing parties 

Studies I: PCOT on Foreign Affairs (I)

Studies II: Religion, Politics & Leftists, Tunisia (I)

Studies III: PCOT and Women’s Issues (I)

Studies IV: PCOT Party Congress

Studies V: PCOT on Foreign Affairs (II)

Studies VI: What’s in a Name?

Studies VII: The PCOT and Electoral Performance

Studies VIII: ‘Ethics’ & Performance


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