Friendly Words

“I learned from it and you will too. [I]f you’re interested in the Maghreb, and Algeria in particular, it is more than worthy of your attention.” — Michael Collins Dunn

“[S]uper in-depth; if you like political science, you’ll benefit from this blog.” — Wired

“[Y]outhful . . . genius” — Helena Cobban

“Well-read” — Inter Press Service

A “Must read” — Foreign, 6 August, 2008.

“Great blog.” — Western Sahara Info

“It is a great blog.” — Freedom for Egyptians

“Sketchy/awesome!” — Arab Media Shack

“Leisurely and very well formulated” — World Politics Review

Among the “Best of the Arab blogs” — Al-Bab

“It is amazing … You’re doing a great job.” — Big Pharaoh

[A] remarkable blog” — The Belmont Club

“Not afraid to criticize things that are wrong with his culture, as well as ripping into with what’s wrong across Africa & Western society.” — Heaven’s Highway

“[A]lways clever and precocious” — Louis-Noel Harfouche, Ecce Libano

“[M]uch better than anything you’ll find in the news.” — Poly-Ticks.

Quoted at the LA Times Middle East blog, Babylon & Beyond, 8 April, 2008.