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The Moor Next Door is a weblog¹ interested in the politics, foreign policy and diplomacy of the Maghreb-Sahel and the Arab Middle East — especially Algeria and Mauritania. TMND also aims to better understand the historical forces driving the international and regional affairs of North Africa, whether it be in relation to rising powers or the United States and Europe. 

TMND’s author has written or been quoted in diverse magazines and newspapers such as Foreign Policy/ForeignPolicy.com, the Financial Times, the Combating Terrorism Centre at West Point’s Sentinel, World Politics Review, Jadaliyya, Islamic Affairs AnalystFair Observer, Tunisia LiveInter Press ServiceWorld Soccer, the Arab Reform Bulletin [now Sada],  AP, the Guardian, Zenith Online, Ekuriren.se, El Diario Vasco and others. He has been a contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit, IHS Jane’s and similar publications. The author’s writing often appeared on the Mauritanian news site Taqadoumy and he has appeared on Bloggingheads and Al Jazeera English. He is based in Washington, D.C. and works as a consultant and researcher; he is a member of the National Writers Union. Reader submissions (guest posts) are emphatically welcome on the blog. This blog produces no income and is produced without financial support from any institution, persons, or organisation.

The author’s languages include English, Arabic, Berber (Hshawith and some Taqbaylit), written Latin and French, conversational Swedish; he also studied Syriac and Afrikaans. He can be contacted for comment, consultation or conversation at:

EMAIL: nourithemoor [@] gmail [dot] com.

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/themoornextdoor



This site contains links to other websites, blogs and other media. It assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy or quality of the information or opinions expressed on links outside of The Moor Next Door. All opinions, views and analyses on this blog are those of the author alone and not any of his employers (or their clients) past or current.

Content and information from this blog may be used or reproduced elsewhere so long as full and direct credit is given to its original source.

1. Readers may find that this blog sometimes dumps more than “blogs“.

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