Algeria Reading List (II)

This is an updated version of the earlier ‘Algeria Reading List,’ which is available on this blog as well as the TMND Scribd page. The Algeria Reading List II includes several articles and books. It is intended as a starting point for Anglophone Algeria analysts and general readers. Entries include books and articles in English, French, German and Dutch. Arabic titles will be added in future iterations. Links to previous reading lists, indexes and the Introductory Mauritania Bibliography can be found on the ‘Reading Lists, Bibliographies and Indexes‘ page.


3 thoughts on “Algeria Reading List (II)

  1. Salam,
    Thanks for the updated list, I would kindly suggest to add the next books from
    1- An Inquiry into the Algerian Massacres.
    2- Quelle Réconciliation pour l’Algérie?
    3- Aux origines de la tragédie algérienne (1958-2000)
    4- Livre Blanc sur la Répression en Algérie ( 3 toms)

    All of the listed books are downloaddable for free from this link:


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