Some Recent Articles on North-West Africa

Several highly relevant articles have been published on the various troubles facing large parts of north-west Africa recently. Some of the ones relevant for this blog’s areas of interest are listed below; this includes articles from the summer which remain relevant for perspective or other reasons:

  1. Ciavolella, Riccardo. ‘Huunde fof ko Politik: Everything Is Politics: Gramsci, Fulani, and the Margins of the State in Mauritania‘. Africa Today. Vol. 58, No. 3. Spring 2012.
  2. Girod, D. M., Walters, Meir R. ‘Elite-led democratisation in aid-dependent states: the case of Mauritania‘. The Journal of North African Studies. Vol. 17, No. 2. March 2012.
  3. Steck, Benjamin. ‘West Africa facing the lack of traffic lanes: A study case: the Nouakchott-Nouadhibou road (Mauritania)‘. EchoGéo. 13 July 2012.
  4. Comas, J., Connor D., El Moctar Isselmou, Mohamed, et al. ‘Why has small-scale irrigation not responded to expectations with traditional subsistence farmers along the Senegal River in Mauritania?Agricultural Systems. Vol. 110, July 2012.
  5. Ballet, J., et al. ‘Vulnerability to Violence of “Talibe” Children in Mauritania‘. The International Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect. Vol. 36, No. 7-8. July-August 2012.
  6. Diop, Birame and Peyton, David. ‘Building Africa’s Airlift Capacity: A Strategy for Enhancing Military Effectiveness‘. Africa Center for Strategic Studies/African Security Brief. 21 August 2012.
  7. N’Diaye, Boubacar. ‘Mauritania: President’s Shooting Reveals Military Regime Parading As A Democracy‘. African Arguments.  22 October 2012.
  8. Østebø, Terje. ‘Islamic Militancy in Africa‘. Africa Center for Strategic Studies/African Security Brief. 05 November 2012.
  9. Walter, Ollivier and Christopoulos, Dimitris. ‘A Social Network Analysis of Islamic Terrorism and the Malian Rebellion‘. CEPS/INSTEAD. 09 November 2012.
  10. Porter, Geoff. ‘Mauritania’s Uncertain Position in Face of President’s Extended Recuperation‘. in Transition. 16 November 2012.
  11. Arbi Nsiri, Mohamed. ‘Réflexions pour comprendre la sociologie religieuse dans la Tunisie postrévolutionnaire‘. Nawaat. 19 November 2012.
  12. El Amrani, Issandr. ‘Secular legacy of Bourguiba fuels Salafi anger in Tunisia‘. The National. 19 November 2012.
  13. Mazarrasa Rodriguez, Pablo. ‘Malí: Razones profundas del conflicto en el Sahel‘. Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégico. 21 November 2012.
  14. Zoubir, Yahia. ‘Algeria and the Sahelian Imbroglio: Preventing War and Fighting Terrorism‘. Al Jazeera Center for Studies. 25 November 2012.
  15. 7our. ‘Pouvoirologie: Saïd Bouteflika au premier rang.’ Un regard averti sur l’Algérie et le Monde. 25 November 2012.
  16. Bart, Alain. ‘La France au chevet de la Mauritanie?Mauritanidees. 26 November 2012.
  17. Thurston, Alex. ‘Who Shot A.A?Foreign Lab. 27 November 2012.
  18. Van Vliet, Martin. ‘The Challenges of Retaking Northern Mali‘. CTC Sentinel. 28 November.
  19. Ben Khalid, Kal. ‘An Algerian Press Review: Determining Algiers’ Position on an Intervention in Mali‘. 28 November 2012.

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