Introductory Algeria Foreign Policy Reading List (I)

This is a short selection of books focused on or include chapters or sections that focus on Algerian foreign policy for more or less English-speaking analysts. This is intended as an introductory list, not a comprehensive or exhaustive one. A longer list of journal articles, reports and dissertations on the same subject is forthcoming. If readers know of recent dissertations on Algerian foreign policy (in English, French, Arabic, German, Italian or Spanish), they are welcome and encouraged to send them to the email address listed on this blog’s ‘About’ page for inclusion in the ‘Dissertations’ section. 

  1. Abbud, H.  La Mafia des généraux. Paris: 2002.
  2. Aghrout, A. and Bougherira, R. (Ed.) Algeria in Transition: Reforms and Development Prospects. New York: 2004.
    1. Salhi, Salah. “Implications of Algeria’s WTO Accession”
    2. Begga, C. and Abid, K. “The Euro-Algerian Relationship: A Review of its Development”
    3. Meliani, H., Aghrout, A. and Ammari, A. “Economic Reforms and Foreign Direct Investment in Algeria”
    4. Djebbar, M. “The Algerian Capital Market: Investment Opportunities”
    5. Zoubir, Y. “The Dialectics of Algeria’s Foreign Relations, 1992 to the Present”
    6. Mortimer, R. “Bouteflika and the Challenge of Political Stability”
    7. Mezdour, S. “The Algerian Immigrant Community in France”
  3. Aggoun,  L. and Rivoire, J. Françalgérie, crimes et mensonges d’états. Paris: 2007.
  4. Aghrout, A. and Amirah-Fernandez, H. (Ed.) North Africa: Politics, Region, and the Limits of Transformation. New York: 2008.
    1. De Larramendi, M. H. “Intra-Maghrebi Relations: Unitary Myth and National Interests”
    2. Driss, C. “Rethingking Maghrebi Security: The Challenge of Multilateralism”
    3. Zoubir, Y. “The United States, Islamism, Terrorism, and Democracy in the Maghreb: The Predominance of Security?”
    4. Henry, C. H. “Reverberations in the Central Maghreb of the ‘Global War on Terror’”
    5. Joffe, George. “European Policy and the Southern Mediterranean”
    6. Gaguzan, J. “France and the Maghreb: The End of the Special Relationship?”
    7. Amirah-Fernandez, H. “Spain’s Policy Towards Morocco and Algeria: Balancing Relations with the Southern Neighbors”
  5. Asad, T. and Owen, R. (Ed) The Middle East: The Sociology of “Developing Societies”. New York: 1983.
    1. Roberts, H. “The Algerian Bureaucracy”
  6. Assassi, L. Non-Alignment and Algerian Foreign Policy. London: 1988.
  7. Balta, P. and Rulleau, C. Le Strategie de Boumediene. Paris: 1978.
  8. Belaid, A. Le Gaz Algerien: Strategie et Enjeux. Algiers: 1989.
  9. Benoune, M. the Making of Contemporary Algeria, 1830-1987: Colonial Upheavals and Post-Independence Development. Cambridge: 1988.
  10. Ben Saada, M. Le RegimePolitique algerien: de La Legitimite Historique a La Legitimite Constitutionnelle. Algiers: 1992.
  11. Benyoucef, B. Les Accords d’Evian. Paris: 1988.
  12. Bonora-Waisman, C. France and the Algeria Conflict: Issues in Democracy and Political Stability, 1988-1995. London: 2003.
  13. Boualem, M. Le Question du Sahara Occidental et le Driot International. Algiers: 1989.
  14. Boussetta, A. Small States and International Mediation: The Case of Algeria. Algiers: 1989.
  15. Brahimi, A. L’Economie Algerienne. Algiers: 1991
    1. Le Maghreb a la Croisee des Chemins. Plan-les-Ouates: 1996.
    2. Aux origines de la tragédie algérienne (1958-2000): Temoignage sur hizb Franca. Hoggar: 2000.
  16. Cavatorta, F. Democracy Betrayed? The International Dimension of the Failed Algerian Transition. Manchester: 2009.
  17. Chikh, S. Le’Algerie en Armes ou le Temp des Certitudes. Paris: 1981.
  18. Connelly, M. A Diplomatic Revolution: Algeria’s Fight for Independence and the Origins of the Post-Cold War Era. Oxford: 2002.
  19. Cordesman, A. H. A Tragedy of Arms: Military and Security Developments in the Maghreb. London: 2001.
  20. Durand, G. L’Organisation d’Al-Qaida au Maghreb Islamique: Realite ou Manipulations?Paris: 2011.
  21. Entelis, J. Comparative Politics of North Africa. New York: 1980.
    1. Algeria: The Revolution Institutionalized. Colorado: 1986.
    2. State and Society in Algeria. Colorado: 1992.
      1. Mortimer, R. “Algerian Foreign Policy in Transition”
  22. Grimaud, N. La Politique Exterieure de a’Algerie 1962-1978. Paris: 1978.
  23. Hume, C. Mission to Algiers: Diplomacy by Engagement. Landham, MD: 2006.
  24. Jackson, H. The FLN in Algeria, Party Development in a Revolutionary Society. London: 1977.
  25. Korany, B. and Dessouki, A. (Ed) The Foreign Policies of Arab States. Boulder: 1984.
    1. Korany, B. “Third Worldism and Pragmatic Radicalism: The Foreign Policy of Algeria”
  26. Lowi, M. Oil Wealth and the Poverty of Politics: Algeria Compared. Cambridge: 2009.
  27. Mowoe, I (Ed.). The Performance of Soldiers as Governors: African Politics and the African Military. Washington, D.C.: 1980.
    1. Knaus, P. R. “Algeria Under Boumediene: The Mythical Revolution 1965 to 1978”
  28. Leca, J. and Vatin, J.C. Algerie Politique, Institution et Regime. Paris: 1975.
  29. Lechref, M. Algerie Tiers-Monde: Agression, Resistance et Solidarites Intercontinentales. Algiers: 1989.
  30. Laribi, L. Du MALG au DRS: Histoire des services secrets algeriens. Hoggar: 2011.
  31. Liverani, A. Civil Society in Algeria: The Political Functions of Associational Life. New York: 2008.
  32. Lewis, W. H. The European Union-Maghrebian Dialogues: Echoes of Disappointments Past. Washington, D.C.: 2001.
    1. “The Way Elsewhere — Algeria”
  33. Malley, R. The Call From Algeria: Third Worldism, Revolution and the Turn to Islam. California: 1996.
  34. Martinez, L. The Algerian Civil War: 1990-1998. New York: 2000.
  35. Mokkadem, M. Al-Qaida au Maghreb Islamique: Contrebande au Nom de L’Islam. Paris: 2010.
  36. Naylor, P. France and Algeria: A History of Decolonization and transformation. Florida: 2000.
  37. Ottaway, D. and Ottaway, M. Algeria: The Politics of a Socialist Revolution. California: 1970.
  38. Parker, R. North Africa Regional Tension and Strategic Concerns. New York: 1984.
  39. Perthes, V. (Ed) Arab Elites: Negotiating the Politics of Change. Boulder: 2004.
    1. Werenfels, I. “Algeria: System Continuity Through Elite Change”
  40. Quandt, W. B. Revolution and Political Leadership: Algeria, 1954-1968. Boston: 1969.
  41. Roberts, H. The Battlefield Algeria, 1988-2002: Studies in a Broken Polity. New York: 2003.
  42. Ruedy, J. Modern Algeria: The Origins and Development of a Nation (2nd Edition). Bloomfield: 2005.
  43. Samraoui, M. Chronique des annees de sang. Paris: 2003.
  44. Sifaoui, M. Al-Qaïda Maghreb Islamique: Le Group Terroriste Qui Menace La France.Paris: 2010.
    1. Histoire secrète de l’Algérie indépendante – l’Etat-DRS. Paris: 2012.
  45. Silverstein, P. Algeria in France: Transpolitics, Race, and Nation. Bloomington: 2004.
  46. Syndes, K. The Franco-Algerian Affair: Love and Hate in Natural Gas Trade. Norway: 1988.
  47. Talus, K. Vertical Natural Gas Transportation Capacity, Upstream Commodity Contracts and EU Competition Law. Frederick, MD: 2011.
  48. Tawil, C. Brothers in Arms: Al-QA’ida and the Arab Jihadists.London: 2010.
  49. Tiogha, A. and Lobjois, P. Contre-espionnage Algerien: Notre guerre contre les Islamistes. Paris: 2008.
  50. Tlemcani, R. State and Revolution in Algeria. Boulder: 1987.
    1. Elections et elites en Algerie: Paroles de candidats. Algiers: 2003.
  51. Werenfels, I. Managing Instability in Algeria: Elites and Political Change since 1995. New York: 2007.
  52. Youngs, R. The European Union and the Promotion of Democracy. Oxford: 2001.
    1. Youngs, R. “The EU and Algeria”
  53. Zoubir, Y and Volman, D. (Ed.) International Dimensions of the Western Sahara Conflict. Westport: 1983.

8 thoughts on “Introductory Algeria Foreign Policy Reading List (I)

    • I’m sure one must exist, at least in a bibliography or linguistics paper/book somewhere. There’s plenty of writing on it; building one wouldn’t be too difficult…

  1. Hello Kal,
    Since you’re revisiting this in a new post, I was wondering if you had reading advice for us non-experts focused on Algerian relations with Mali, Niger and points south — post 1980. I have to educate myself a bit on this, so I was planning on leafing thorough the Aghrout edited volumes and seeing if I can lay my hands on the Sifaoui works.


    • Hi. I’m aware of work on this from journals and a few reports. Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies on this specifically, mostly they’re done at the regional level, focused on Libya’s role or something else. There are also some official publications by the Algerians I’ve heard about or seen in passing over the years. I will be dealing with Algeria’s policy on these issues in my next posting.

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