2 January, a big day?

Notice that today there were protests organised in ten provinces in Algeria, led by the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), according to TSA, citing a communique from the group. It did not report on the numbers of protesters but noted some of the demands (housing, work, development projects, calling out local administrations’ incompetence, etc.). Read the article here. Another protest story comes from El Watan, on a cattle farmer and ‘a dozen of his friends’ in Bejaia staging a sit-in infront the provincial authority protesting a provincial decree kicking him off his land. Another El Watan story discusses the conditions of life in a ‘neglected commune’ in western Algeria (near Msirda).


4 thoughts on “2 January, a big day?

  1. Reblogged this on @lissnup and commented:
    I’ve been reviewing events in Algeria throughout 2011 today so these protests come as less of a surprise than they would a couple of days ago. With any luck, the timeline I am building will help to illustrate the situation.

    • For some reason events in Algeria are not front page news. Even from my corner , Gibraltar (same neighbourhood really), not much is heard. I wonder why?
      I personally think the situation in Algeria can be far more explosive than Libya and Tunisia.
      And what about Morocco?
      We’ll see…………………………………………

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