Three Links on AQIM

This week yielded some interesting summaries and analyses in English on AQIM-related problems, some of them looking at Mauritania. Readers may have seen these on their own already; those who have not should take a look.

Kidnapped Europeans, AQIM, and shady dealings in northern Mali

over under sideways down (updated)

Some thoughts on Mauritania to come later in the next few weeks.


6 thoughts on “Three Links on AQIM

  1. I strongly suggest to click on ” Kidnapped Europeans, AQIM, and shady dealings in northern Mali” from Andrew Lebowich. It is not only AQIM that is into $$ from ransom payments, but also French military ” consultants”. Ref: click on the link to article in Paris-Match. This is not Lebowich or myself who says so, but PARIS-MATCH!

    Read years ago from the International Crisis Group that the Sahara conflict is not near to end because security people in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and also Mali benefit from it through all the illegal traficking we know: cigarettes, armes, drug, etc.. But having former French and Malian ” barbouzes” implicated in sharing some of the proceeds from ransom payments is just off the mark. Closer and closer to Keenan, Gèze and other conspiracy theories. But this from PARIS-MATCH goes even further …

    Thanks Al-Wasit

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