In the Desert

Many are concerned about the threat of new fighting in the Azaouad region in Niger and Mali among the Tuaregs and the governments there. These concerns are justified. More on that later.

In the meantime a Spanish documentary on the Sahara War.


7 thoughts on “In the Desert

  1. Funny you mentioned the Touaregs of Mali and Niger. Yesterday (in Santa Cruz, Ca) I attended a brilliant performance by Tinariwen. They were without their female singers, but still vowed the audience. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

      • I might say the Sahara footage inform how this tuareg mess will end up: 40 years of war or so, with camps, prisonners, dead people rape, killing fields, etc…. Why not give them the territory they want and let them deal with their needs? People are tired of all this: AQIM, Tuaregs, French/US/UK/China/Russia competition. We just need peace and the hell with oil, gas, uranium and corrupt leaders.

        On another issue: who should have done that stupid bombing of Charlie Hebdo? the Islamists or the droite française?

  2. Thanks Kal. Below is what we are reading today and it is worrying. Read an article from Salima Tlemçani posted on Temoust and it is a complicated situation. Wondering what Algeria – the Zorro who rarely lift a finger against AQIM outside its borders in the open – will be playing. Yes Salima is sometimes harsh on ATT and his entourage, but Mali should try to improve its credibility. Being somehow involved in all these traficks and letting AQIM harm neighbours is not good and ATT is paying for a sloppy management of the situation.

    Let’s see the Spanish documentary and merci doublement.

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