Link: ‘A Guide to the Tunisian Elections’

POMED has an excellent primer on the upcoming Tunisian election by Daphne McCurdy with a guide to key players that will update readers on developments over the summer and early fall, especially as related to the left and far left parties mentioned on this blog. View A Guide to the Tunisian Elections here (PDF).

3 thoughts on “Link: ‘A Guide to the Tunisian Elections’

  1. tidinit 15 October, 2011 / 1:30 am

    Could not finish reading this communication crap. Always told you: Listen to Keenan, Gèze and others. This GWOT is a joke. Who is behind the movement against the movie Persepolis in Tunisia?


  2. tidinit 15 October, 2011 / 10:22 am


    It appears something not good will be happening with the Tuaregs and AQIM in the region, in the aftermath of Gadhafi demise. CNT people have apparently ransacked the Mauritanian Embassy in Tripoli. We read from le Monde last week that Mauritanian mercenaries or Libyans of Mauritania origin were defending Syrte. I don’t know if the rebuilding of AQIM in the Wagadou forest is true or a propanganda, Can you guide us ? Thanks.

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