Read These

Sifting Through the Layers of Insecurity in the Sahel: The Case of Mauritania,” Cedric Jourde, Africa Security Brief, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, No. 15 September 2011.

Flush with Victory,” The Economist “Newsbook”.

The Decade-Long Diversion,” Paul Pillar, The National Interest.

The Grand (Hip-Hop) Chessboard: Race, Rap and Raison d’Etat,” Hishaam Aidi, MERIP, Fall 2011.

La Libye a fait du Sahel “une poudrière,” Beatrice Khadige, Les Echos.

Who is in charge? Algerian power structures and their resilience to change,” ISabelle Werenfels, Sciences Po, Ceri CNRS.


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