China and Libya and Algeria

From the Globe and Mail, 3 September:

The documents suggest that Beijing and other governments may have played a double game in the Libyan war, claiming neutrality but covertly helping the dictator. The papers do not confirm whether any military assistance was delivered, but senior leaders of the new transitional government in Tripoli say the documents reinforce their suspicions about the recent actions of China, Algeria and South Africa. Those countries may now suffer a disadvantage as Libya’s new rulers divide the spoils from their vast energy resources, and select foreign firms for the country’s reconstruction.

Omar Hariri, chief of the transitional council’s military committee, reviewed the documents and concluded that they explain the presence of brand-new weapons his men encountered on the battlefield. He expressed outrage that the Chinese were negotiating an arms deal even while his forces suffered heavy casualties in the slow grind toward Tripoli.

“I’m almost certain that these guns arrived and were used against our people,” Mr. Hariri said.

Senior rebel officials confirmed the authenticity of the four-page memo, written in formal style on the green eagle letterhead used by a government department known as the Supply Authority, which deals with procurement. The Globe and Mail found identical letterhead in the Tripoli offices of that department. The memo was discovered in a pile of trash sitting at the curb in a neighbourhood known as Bab Akkarah, where several of Col. Gadhafi’s most loyal supporters had lavish homes.

The document reports in detail about a trip by Col. Gadhafi’s security officials from Tripoli to Beijing. They arrived on July 16, and in the following days they met with officials from three state-controlled weapons manufacturers: China North Industries Corp. (Norinco); the China National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corp. (CPMIC); and China XinXing Import & Export Corp. The Chinese companies offered the entire contents of their stockpiles for sale, and promised to manufacture more supplies if necessary.

The hosts thanked the Libyans for their discretion, emphasized the need for confidentiality, and recommended delivery via third parties.

“The companies suggest that they make the contracts with either Algeria or South Africa, because those countries previously worked with China,” the memo says.

The Chinese companies also noted that many of the items the Libyan delegation requested were already held in the arsenals of the Algerian military, and could be transported immediately across the border; the Chinese said they could replenish the Algerian stocks afterward. The memo also indicated that Algeria had not yet consented to such an arrangement, and proposed further talks at the branch offices of the Chinese companies in Algiers.


6 thoughts on “China and Libya and Algeria

    • 1) Because China has a huge amount us US Treasury Bonds, it’s the biggest US creditor, can’t afford the luxury of sinking the USA/U$D and not harming itself in the process,

      2) China has investments to protect in Africa and South America,

      3) China is not yet ready for an armed global war. It’s bidding its time and getting stronger…

  1. Khaddaffi made deals with the whole world it seems. Military stuff from everywhere went to Libya. Intelligence support was given by France, USA and Brittannia. Pointing at China and Algeria is indeed, as mentioned before, “Propagandist bullshit”.

  2. Let us cut down the Bullshitting and hilarious crap at once:

    1) The attack on Libya by USA-NATO-FRANCE for reasons that are not at all the ones claimed is part of the ongoing agenda of reshaping the “ARAB-MUSLIM” countries, DECAPITATING the old leadership (who, although mostly crooked, became too experienced in the western ways) and putting instead stooges and freshmen, eager to please the conquerors, aka the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons, ruling the USA-GB-France-EU and infiltrated in many other Govt-Institutions-Nations of planet earth,

    2) Both the CIA and MI6 were Kaddafi’s friends (as friends as crooks can be). Tony Blair was on first name with Cnel Gaddafi and his sons, Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton officially received officially his sons and this has been confirmed by official documents (see, BBC, Le Figaro, The Independent, The Guardian, Le Monde, La Vanguardia, Il Corriere de la Sierra)

    Even the New York Times wrote about how USA-GB (CIA-MI6) were Cnel. Gaddafi best friends… until 6 months ago. They were actually partners and palls.

    3) Above article is once again an example of the drum beating to demonize countries, whose leadership has been pinned for regime change by the International Mafia, managed the Zion Talmudic Dons in Tel Aviv-London-Paris-NY-Washington.

    4) Now that Tunisia has fallen, Egypt and Libya, with Syria resisting, the Mafia Dons are spewing their propagandistic and opinion shaping lies to ensnare, once again, the sheeple with their lies.

    Neither Algeria, nor China will be easy to enslave. Algeria for being a country of proud people and China is not the ex URSS, very conscious of who is the enemy and prepared to give whatever fight it might be necessary.

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