Who will miss the Brother Leader?

Below is a quick and dirty translation (forgive errors) of a communique from 23 August put out by the Sawab Party, a small Mauritanian Ba’thi party. It is notable because it represents one of the few political parties in Mauritania to have continuously shown support for Qadhafi. Together with a number of other small (some are tiny, actually) Arab nationalist and Islamist parties Sawab joined a pro-Qadhafi alliance of Mauritanian parties in 2009/2010, the Nationalist Islamic Action Front. Some of these parties did condemn violence against Libyan demonstrators early on and tended to also criticize al-Jazeera more harshly for “exaggerations” and treating Qadhafi’s government unfairly. Some went as far as to condemn Libyan protesters outrightly. But the outlook in this communique is not representative of the Mauritanian political class or opposition in general. Most major opposition parties ranging from Ahmed Ould Daddah’s RFD to Jamil Ould Mansour’s Tawassoul announced their “recognition” of the Transitional National Council as the legitimate government of Libya early in the summer and organized marches at the Libyan embassy in Nouakchott at the start of the Libyan uprising, even attempting to use it to rally their supporters against President Ould Abdel Aziz, who had been quite close to Qadhafi. Even if they opposed NATO’s involvement in the conflict, most Mauritanians seem to have been sympathetic to the rebel cause in Libya.

The party has a minor following and its position on Libya is not, in general, popular among Mauritanians. Many Mauritanians, especially young people, especially young people looked at Qadhafi warily because of his very public support for Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz’s 2008 coup (he infamously told a stadium of Mauritanian politicians and citizens that there was “no difference between coups and elections” since both were politically disruptive; this ended up scuttling his ability mediate between the opposition and the junta). But one should remember that Qadhafi had supporters in many parts of Africa and the Sahel. In Mauritania, pro-Qadhafite political parties were not the only ones with links to the old Tripoli: Mauritanian ministers and parliamentarians even received Libyan largesse and spent significant time in Tripoli seeking money and support. It used to pay to be in the good graces of Qadhafi as it was once profitable to be a Saddamist. Nowadays those comrades will need to make new friends.

FROM: Sawab Party [Mauritania]

DATE: 23 August, 2011

LINK: http://is.gd/xLChVR

“Press Release”

The national scene was surprised on the evening of Sunday, 21 August, after 156 days of NATO and Qatari aircraft continuously bombing the brotherly Libyans with rockets, a new chapter in a poorly performed play opened, fooling many of the regimes and political parties of different orientations and positions in the political majority and the opposition after the fabrications, weakness and marginalization became clear in the decrees of client known as known as the “Transitional Council”, as Sayf al-Islam al-Qadhafi emerged and completely eliminated the last bits of credibility it had.

Read a quick overview of the play, laying out the facts such as:

  • That what is happening in Libya is a western plot to seize the situation and rob the Libyan people’s oil, carried out by NATO crusaders and a media role assigned to al-Jazeera by the princes of Qatar, who in the past acted as a springboard for American forces to occupy and destroy Iraq [. . .];
  • That so-called Libyan “Transitional Council” are nothing but pawns moved forward and backward by NATO and have a common hatred for the Arab and Islamic nations, intellectual renaissance and economic development;
  • That this task was assigned by western Crusaders and the two colonial powers in the Arab world: France and Britain who try to create models for rulers more closely related to colonialism, after exhausting the utility of earlier clients.

Based on the foregoing, we in the Sawab Party condemn this blatant aggression on the country of the Libyan people, and we confirm what we have said previously that revolution and political change correctly represent the popular demands urgent in all Arab countries but that it will not come through occupation, tanks and bombing and destruction by foreign powers, which is why we urge all innovators and political trends in the Arab world to think of urgently convening a conference that draws set parameters by which governments in the Arab world can enhance democracy and political pluralism away from the tutelage of NATO and the Arab regimes associated with it, as we call upon the brotherly Libyan people to stick to national unity and remain aware of the risks of civil war, which stirs in these moments, and to consider resistance to imperialism and its agents as the only solution to getting out of the current crisis and establishing genuine democratic institutions.

23 Ramadan 1432

23 August 2011

Office of Information


6 thoughts on “Who will miss the Brother Leader?

  1. Right on the nail. Gadaffi was no angel, but had achieved more for his country and its people than any other African leader. Libya was a leader in the region in terms of human development and had been cooperating with the West in its so-called War on Terror. Unfortunately for him, he refused to be a vassal of the Anglo-American neo-imperialists, despite all those loving hugs from Blair, and his insistence on Libya controlling its own destiny was to prove his undoing. Like Saddam Hussein, he was seen as getting too cocky and uncooperative (particularly in his increasingly close relations with the Russians and Chinese who, tellingly, refused to back the UN resolution which let NATO’s dogs of war off the leash).
    This war, contrary to the propaganda pumped out by Western political leaders and their mass media lapdogs, was not initiated to save a few hundred or even a few thousand Libyans from being “slaughtered”. Its motives were not humanitarian, but political, strategic and economic. The truth was out last week when the motley bunch of tame minions chosen by the Anglo-American caucus to lead “liberated” Libya began to backpedal on their promise to give US ad European oil companies exclusive rights to the country’s vast untapped supplies of sweet crude. You could almost hear the sounds of hands being rubbed delightedly together in Moscow and Bejing.

    • Godders,

      You need to add more soda to your whisky. How you can say this? Scuse me, but Gadhafi has ruled his country for 42 years and was planning to give power to his son for another 42 years. You don’t see what the dude did to his people? Stealing their wealth, killing his people like dogs (sorry for the dogs and animal right people), sabotaging genuine democratic attempts in Mauritania for instance, killing people given to him by the US rendition program. The dude was a human disaster. Where have you been all these years? We have the bad tendency to blame neo-imperialism when we fail. Wake-up Godders.

  2. This is an insult and a very disrespectful act of western (so called Nato)toward africa though the ennemi of african is still an african. It now looks very clear. After Krumah, Lumumba, Mobutu, Kabila (Laurent), Machel, Savimbi; i can’t believe that they have got to get Kaddafi as well. It is clear what they do yet and their strategies but yet again we still powerless watching them putting their hands on our brother leaders using our own deflected brothers. I wish we get to start working on this. They are not smarter than we are if we can only become free from our own mental slavery… I am not living anyone out, specially our african leaders. We need more educate fellows in their society, doesn’t matter how long it takes…I totally desaggree with the evil ways they used to distabilize our nations to suit and fixe their problems…
    If only our african leaders can work around this…

  3. Libyans killed ghaddafi. Americans don’t care the slightest bit. You people have no idea what’s going on here, you ignorant fools. Oh, libyans dragged the brother leaders body around like savage apes. Not Americans or anyone else. You people are small, worthless and absolutely pathetic. It’s good you have someone to hate. I’d need it to if I lived in a disgusting backwater cesspool full of extreme religious mania and psychopathic killers. Good for you.

    • “I’d need it to if I lived in a disgusting backwater cesspool full of extreme religious mania and psychopathic killers”

      i take it you are referring to the united states?

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