Ideas for Post Series: R&FP&P Phase II; Arab left-wing parties

Readers may recall the “Rise and Fall, Push and Pull” post series posted on this blog several months ago. That series is not finished with: it was intended to be divided into multiple sets, according to general themes or phases (the first “phase” is finished). The second phase, focused on power in the Arab region in the post-2011 world, will carry on in the next few months.

A new series here will deal with political tendencies and currents in the Arab region considered underserved in Anglophone analysis: left-wing and communist parties, Ba’th parties, the interaction of such groups with one another and religious tendencies, etc. This blog is interested in parts of the Arab world not given special attention in English-speaking writing and analysis: the Maghreb in general, but Algeria and Mauritania especially. The increasing potency and activity of Arab left-wing political tendencies, which has been building for the last few years, has not been met with interest by English-speaking writers and analysts (much writing remains concerned with Islamists and security issues, both of which remain relevant and interesting but looking at Arab politics in these terms only increases understanding by so much). In Egypt and Tunisia the left was at the core of the 2011 uprisings and has received much less attention since the overthrow of Ben Ali and Mubarak, despite their continuing political activity in contestation with Islamists, economic liberals and even other leftist groups. This new series will include translations (mostly excerpts) of pamphlets, articles, tracts, statements, platforms and party constitutions from and info-graphics about left-wing groups in the Arab countries, Tunisia especially. The point will be to familiarize readers and this blogger himself about and important tendency in Arab politics that too frequently receives less coverage than Islamist movements (which are covered and analyzed by many, many people, a lot of them quite smart).

Stay posted for more developments.


2 thoughts on “Ideas for Post Series: R&FP&P Phase II; Arab left-wing parties

  1. Speaking about Ba’thist tendencies in Algeria, it might be hard to find them explicitly articulated in existing political parties and organizations. Elements of the classical secular Ba’thist ideology (nationalism + socialism + panarabism) have diffused within the Algerian political landscape but while someone like Messadia could easily be identified as a figurehead of that orientation years ago, it seems harder to do that today. There is probably a need for a sort of decoding of the political discourse to extract those positions.

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