A Cabinet by the Numbers (Pt. II)

Below are three new graphs dealing with different aspects of the most recent Algerian cabinet (and the 38 ministers in it). A previous post dealt with the same subject before the May cabinet reshuffle.

Economists, lawyers and engineers dominate both cabinets in similar numbers; there are 4 ENA graduates in each government. Many of the smaller degree areas were changed in the reshuffle while more changes took place within the larger categories.

Note that the current and previous governments are similarly dominated by technocrats, academics and lawyers. Here ministers who had been classified as “banker” or “businesspeople” in the previous graph are combined into a single category. Both military men in the current cabinet are mudjahine, having served in the War of Independence and then continuing as career officers afterwards and/or becoming FLN party functionaries in the process.

The new cabinet is somewhat older than the previous one although it includes two ministers born after 1961 (one more than in the old cabinet). The numbers for those born in the 1941-1950 and 1951-1960 period are nearly reversed in the current government as compared to the previous one. Indeed, as Khouya Houwari commented on the previous posting, “forget big government or small government, it’s old government.”


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