A Cabinet by the Numbers

Again, because graphs are fun, here are three new charts (with the one posted as an update to the Addendum on regionalism) looking at Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia’s government.

Note the large numbers of degrees in economics, law and engineering. “ENA” refers to École nationale d’administration d’Alger, the factory that churns out Algerian bureaucrats, diplomats and managers. (Ouyahia is a graduate.)

The next chart looks at the same men and women by occupational profession.

The technocrats dominate, as one might expect. “Technocrat” here is being used to refer broadly to individuals who have spent most (or all) of their careers in government and working their specific technical field; mainly engineers and economists as well as managers within the state machinery. It includes career diplomats, too. “Academics” refers to researchers and university professors. Lawyers (who range from judges to prosecutors to advisors) are up there too. The only real career politician is Abdelaziz Belkhadem.

The final chart is perhaps the least surprising, for it represents the age brackets in the set, minus one minister whose age and place of origin is unlisted on his website.

Those born after independence are the least well represented; those born during the War of Independence have the greatest share; the War generation is reasonably well in place, though they take most of the sensitive and critical ministries (Defense, the Interior, etc.; also Moudjahidines). The younger generation is especially technocratic and in generally technocratic offices.

Soon enough will begin the work of relating these factors to one another, comparing age to education and profession; and comparing previous governments.


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