Relationships I

Quick, crude and simplified graphics showing the relationship(s) between the presidency and the military/intelligence service and the spread of supposed “clans” and their “turf” within the state structure. Note severe overlap. Clarifications/opinions, suggestions welcome on the second in particular. Neither intend to make definite claims but reflect general observations from news reports, conversations and widely available information. The first does not claim that Bouteflika and Ouyahia are equal in their powers but rather that both share a status distinct from the military/intelligence services or the ministries in the excutive.


2 thoughts on “Relationships I

  1. A more ambitious project would be to overlay institutions (presidency, interior, drs, army, etc.) with people and their inter-connections (shared career tracks, provincial origins, etc.) Nice job!

  2. That’s brilliant!
    Does this suggest that all Algerian political parties as shown here, are part of the system or that there are some in the opposition who are at the receiving end of this whole network?
    What kind of software did you use for this? I’d love to see the same thing done for the Makhzen, the Moroccan arguably sophisticated oligarchic system of governance.
    Great job as usual!

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