A New Decade: Let There Be Coups?

Putschists of years gone by.

Since 1949, there has not been a decade in which there was not a coup in some Arab state. Where will the first coup of the 2010-2020 period be? Expect an updated set of spreadsheets on based (and expanding) on the data in the ones referenced in this post: “La-a la-a, ana  ir-ra’is” this weekend. More variables added, new charts, etc.

A separate sheet not including Comoros — a major outlier in the data set (it makes up something like 14% of all Arab coups when included) — will probably be set up too. Definitions of what are and are not included as coups can be expected too. Ideas for variables are welcome in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “A New Decade: Let There Be Coups?

  1. Great. Mauritania is number two after Syria if add the coup in August 2008. So we are no more ex-aequo with Comoros. Why people do coups between July and October? To allow them send their children out of the country after school closes? Good stuff and good reminder. Hope nothing happen this summer because things are always the same.

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