Hanevy: Prisoner of Conscience to Detainee

On Hanevy Ould Dahah [errors are original; “Hanafi” and “Hanevi” are interchangeable transliterations from the Arabic, the latter being the Hassaniya pronunciation]:

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, warned of the serious health condition of the Mauritanian Hanafi Oueld Dah , being on a hunger strike since 28/12/2009 after the court had rejected his release procedures though his term ended on 24/1/2009. Oueld Dah was sentenced to six months in prison in a lawsuit filed by a former presidential candidate as a result of an article that Oueld Dah had wrote.

After having completed his term, there is no legal justification for holding Oueld Dah prisoner , which is a notable threat to freedom of expression and journalists’ safety.

The judge ,Ahmed Fal, rejected an appeal to release Oueld Dah, claiming that service terms issue was prosecutors’ or prisons directors’ responsibility and that Hanafi’s file was not at the court of appeal, thereby the court was incompetent regarding release orders!!

The defense team submitted an appeal mentioning that Hanafi has served his term and paid the fine and all other court expenses, but the judge rejected the appeal.

Moreover, the Mauritanians journalist union had made great efforts to release Oueld Dah, editor of ,Takadomi, e-paper who served his term 10 days ago and has not been released yet. Prime defense team member , Ibrahim Oueld Abeti mentioned the possibility of escalating the issue and prosecuting the Mauritanian government at the International Committee for Human Rights and the African Court for Human Rights as well as all those responsible for the continued detention of Oueld Dah.

Oueld Dah defense team has issued a statement accusing the prosecutor of holding Hanfi’s file without reason. The statement mentioned that the prosecutor would not forward the file to court of appeal, despite the many correspondences, notes and calls asking the prosecutor to deliver the file to court .

More evidence of the rampant and growing gangsterism of Nouakchott’s latest mafiosi government.


2 thoughts on “Hanevy: Prisoner of Conscience to Detainee

  1. Mafioso government is right. And the kingpin has the audacity to say:

    “Hanevi n’a pas été arrêté au cours de la période de mon pouvoir.”


    Kudos to Ebetti for saying it staight- that Hanevi’s detention is anti-constitutional.

    But then again, Mr. Linchpin in his greasy grey mafioso suit declares on a daily basis- “la loi c’est moi.”

    Be strong Hanevi and you will win. Your sacrifices are huge and the Mauritanian people will never forget your commitment to democratic values.

    Insha’allah your next post, Kal, will announce his release. Insha’allah.

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