MP Noma bint Mogaya censored for denouncing Ould Abdel Aziz

Mauritanian MP Noma bint Mogaya had an outburst against the Ould Abdel Aziz government recently, calling pro-Ould Abdel Aziz MPs hypocrites, rounding off with a long Qur’anic quotation. Her remarks were censored on state television. (In Arabic, will attempt a translate parts of it if time allows, later. Readers are welcome to their translations in the comments box, too.)

Note: The references to corruption are meant to refer to Ould Abdel Aziz’s relationship with Mohamed Bouamatou, one of Mauritania’s wealthiest men. It should be understood in the context of the false anti-corruption activities of the current government, causing much indignation and irritation in the country. No instance is more exemplary than the case of Ould Nagi, et al. Earlier this fall, when the government made much about the arrest of a series of bankers — including the former governor of the Central Bank of Mauritania (BCM), Sid’El Moctar Ould Nagi — for “economic crimes” this was to direct attention away from Bouamatou who has been charged with using usury to bankrupt the national airliner, as well as other firms. He was one of Ould Abdel Aziz’s greatest campaign donors and remains among his closest allies. The so-called “Ould Nagi” affair resulted in the ex-head of the central bank being forced to return $95 million in embezzled funds. The CEOs of several other banks were also implicated in the ring of corruption. The cynical say that the funds brought back to the public by the arrest of these fiends hardly approaches the potential gains that would be made if the government were to investigate and hold to account members of the president’s own entourage, by which practically everyone means Bouamatou. Bouamatou, it is said has aggressively working to expand his own business empire in the last two years, frequently by questionable means and at the expense of large existing institutions.

The Ould Nagi case, then, is quite cosmetic, especially given that the funds in question were embezzeled in 2001 and 2002. Ould Abdel Aziz has gone a binge for sacking members of government for corruption or incompetence, causing a grave sense of insecurity and paranoia in the ranks. After the December kidnappings, he moved to sack military men for slipping up on the anti-terror front. The result has been increasing dissatisfaction in the barracks. The “Ould Nagi Pandora’s Box” appears to have set ill at east both those with dirty records and accounts with the opposition.

Update: For the non-Arabic-speakers: Nasser at Dekhnstan has an English transcription of the video. His post includes notes on Mogaya’s repeated references to Gen. Ould Abdel Aziz’s Moroccan family connections and calling him out on practically any issue one can think of. Readers will also enjoy her lines smashing the myth of Ould Abdel Aziz as “the president of the poor,” a label shown to be spurious earlier this autumn by Ould Abdel Aziz’s own inattention.


8 thoughts on “MP Noma bint Mogaya censored for denouncing Ould Abdel Aziz

  1. You cannot forget that these jailed banker/ businessmen are all from the arch-rival Smasside tribe. Politics cannot be separated from culture. Aziz is cleaning up where he, and only he, sees the dirt. I wonder if Vall will be next. But then again blood binds thick in Mauritania. Vall may be an enemy, but he is also a cousin.

    What is most disturbing in all of this is the continued detention of Hanevi. The man is risking his life for democratic values, and yet the representatives of the world’s great “democratic” governments in Nouakchott are sickeningly silent…..

    ….the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality….

    Here one must leave behind all hesitation;
    here every cowardice must meet its death.
    Dante Alighieri, Canto III, lines 14-15

    Free Hanevi HaNevi

    • Thanks for the comment, Desdemona.

      You cannot forget that these jailed banker/ businessmen are all from the arch-rival Smasside tribe. Politics cannot be separated from culture. Aziz is cleaning up where he, and only he, sees the dirt. I wonder if Vall will be next. But then again blood binds thick in Mauritania. Vall may be an enemy, but he is also a cousin.

      True in both cases. One might ask if Vall could be bought off before he would need to be exposed ever more transparently. In the case of the Smasside, it is true and a good example of why Ould Abdel Aziz’s “anti-graft” spree is causing so much paranoia; the Smasside largely backed him in the election and are not getting much in return. Burning bridges, as it were. So he is operating not only as one who break commitments but also as one who is politically stupid.

      And yes, free Hanevy!

  2. I think Aziz has shot himself in the foot in only focusing on his adversaries, the smacides, in his anti-corruption actions. All started with decorating Bouamatou during Independence Day and then immediately going after his financial concurrents. And people are talking a lot about that.

    In the mind of people, Aziz is not delivering: unable to deal with insecurity and saving the crooks close to him. People also starting thinking that Algeria is behind the series of kidnappings to drive him nuts or else as a result of the speech of his Ambassador in Dakhla. In the absence of any official explanation of things, people talk.

  3. Let’s keep hoping Aziz keeps shooting himself in the foot….perhaps a bullet will stray and knock him out for good. It may be back to square one, but playing the game again and again perhaps that’s how Mauritania will eventually win the democracy it deserves.

    Any news on Hanevi? Any idea why Taqadoumy is so reticent in keeping us informed?

  4. Desdemona,

    I don’t wish any bullet to knock anyone. My main aim is to stop this nonsense fighting among these rulers and have us forget about oil, gas, ego, generals, crossing and double-crossing, and the rest. Trying to see when we were happy with our relative poverty and it was very good time, etc..

    This tribal bullshit is very bad. Also bad is manipulating AQIM and we know by now who is doing it. We should tell him or them to stop it. Otherwise, we are “waziristazing” the wholre bloddy place, either in the powerful countries or in the weaker one (s). Look what is being done to Mali: it is a shame and I am certain you agree with me that it is racism in its most abject form. Read the news sponsorized by some state and it is evident. This has to stop and it is a shame.

  5. I got a little problem with Mister Dekhnstan and Ms. Mogueya: Mohamed Abdel Aziz is not a Moroccan, he is Mauritanian. He can lean towards Morocco or Mlgeria, but he is Mauritanian. No one can say that Haidallah is Moroccan or Sahraoui or Algerian, but is Mauritanian.

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