Tales from the coffers: characteristic behavior

Al-Akhbar reports on Mohamed Ould Bouamatou’s efforts, dating back as far as 2008, to use his bank (the General Bank of Mauritania) to bankrupt Mauritania’s national gas company (SOMEGAZ) through exorbitant rates, which the Mauritanian courts have called usery. It is written that Bouamatou’s bank raised interest rates to 40%, hoping to put the state company to the wall, to the benefit of his own BSA-Gaz. The report is complete with relevant court documents and charts. Bouamatou used similar methods to bankrupt AirMauritanie, before launching his own Mauritania Airways (in conjunction with Tunisair, which has a majority stake, while Bouamatou has 39%). Additional tales from Mauritania and the pillaging of its institutions will follow.


7 thoughts on “Tales from the coffers: characteristic behavior

  1. This is really bad, if the story is confirmed. It appears that Bouamatou has spent a great deal of money and energy to support firtst Ely Ould Mohamed and then Abdel Aziz

  2. Bouamatou has to communicate on this. If the allegations are true, it is too much. The problem also is that for years the government nominates undeserved people at the top of parastatals. It is my view that these companies be taken over by the private sector and allow competition.

  3. The problem as I see it, is the the dominance that the ruling tribes exert here in RIM. There are too many avenues in which they can extract money from a population who have little or nothing as it is, therfore easily controlled and kept in check. Prosecuting Bouamatou will open a huge can of worms that can only further exacerbate the problem of poverty for the Mauritanians who have no choice but to live with the corruption that currently exists. But as with every problem in life, ignoring it won’t make it go away. The change painful and the suffering incremental.

    Is the population of RIM ready to tackle the problem? In my opinion, no. Too many people have enough problems seeking enough money to eat. Perhaps RIM will change course in about 20 years, Inshallah. For those here now, same old same old….

  4. Fully agree with toubab nomad. Inshallah in the next 20 years is the right word. certain that the General-President is here for the long haul: he will change the constitution very soon to run like big brothers Boutef and Tandia of Niger. Small brother Dadis tried, but he is too talkative that he can’t keep any secret regarding the support he was receiving from libya and Morocco. The support from France, he did not needed to talk about because it was too obvious with Wade and Joyandet.

  5. You have seen this?

    Crash d’un cargo au nord de Gao

    Un avion gros porteur s’est écrasé mercredi 4 novembre dans la région de Gao.Cargo militaire américain ou aéronef affrété par les narco-trafiquants, se demande le journal malien «L’Indépendant» dans son édition du 6 novembre.

    «L’Indépendant» rapporte qu’un avion de type gros porteur s’est écrasé dans la matinée du mercredi 4 novembre, à 180 km au nord de la commune rurale de Tarkint du mercredi 4 novembre, à 180 km au nord de la commune rurale de Tarkint, cercle de Bourem, région de Gao.

    Le crash a été confirmé par le maire de Bourem, Ibrahim Touré, joint au téléphone par «L’Indépendant».
    ” L’appareil était largement calciné et seules les ailes et la partie arrière étaient identifiables. Des sources sécuritaires contactées à Bamako ont confirmé le crash tout en écartant l’hypothèse qu’il puisse s’agir d’un appareil américain venu apporter du matériel militaire aux forces armées maliennes, comme on a pu le penser. A les croire, il s’agirait plutôt d’un appareil appartenant aux narco-trafiquants” , ajoute «L’Indépendant ».

    “La piste de Almoustras est un point de passage très prisé par les narco-trafiquants en route vers le Maghreb et l’Europe en raison de la très faible présence, voire l’inexistence des forces sécuritaires maliennes dans cette localité. L’avion y a effectué une escale de 30 minutes. C’est après avoir redécollé qu’il a explosé”,

    lit-on également dans l’article publié par le journal malien.
    Il est à noter que le crash s’est produit dans une zone abritant parfois des salafistes armés, entre autres, de «Douchkas» russes , qui sont des mitrailleuses lourdes anti-aériennes.

    Toute reprise totale où partielle de cet article doit inclure la source : http://www.journaltahalil.com

  6. Looking forward to those additional tales from Mauritania and the pillaging of its institutions, now that the Ould Nagi Pandora box is open…..

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