New ARB artys on Tunisia and Morocco

The most recent edition of the Arab Reform Bulletin features pieces on the Tunisian elections, slated for 25 October and women’s participation in Moroccan politics. Both articles are informative and provide valuable perspectives on the region’s politics, especially given the paucity of publishing on Tunisia as of late (though if you search the MPR archives, you can find some brief and useful postings by Alle). Read! Contemplate! Discuss!


One thought on “New ARB artys on Tunisia and Morocco

  1. I found the authors discourse regarding women and politics in Morocco to be patently sexist and degrading. The author’s discourse is premised the erroneous assumptions that female gender roles are inferior to male gender roles and that the closer women come to resembling their male counterparts in terms of rights, duties, and dress the more progress they will have made towards the author’s desired goal of ‘gender equality‘. The question I have is this: Why exactly are men being placed on a pedestal? Why aren’t women being used as the standard by which progress in the field of gender equality is measured? Why is the author elevating the masculine above the feminine? Why must women always be delegated an inferior role in popular feminist discourse? Just because the rights and duties of women do not resemble those of their male counterparts by no means insinuates that they inferior in value or worth.

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