Congradulations from cousins in the north

The first government to congradulate General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz on his “victory” in yestday’s election: Mohamed VI of Morocco. More on this later.


3 thoughts on “Congradulations from cousins in the north

  1. This is awkward because M6 sent his congratulations, even before the guy is declared the winner. That is a bad sign for Algeria and they will interpret it that General aziz has ” prêté allégence” to M6. It is bad for us when the Algerians are angry and something always happen.

    Opposition saying Aziz has cheated and somehow people know how, but no one is speqking about it before the opposition. Everyone is wondering how this happened. more on this also from my part, as a comment.

  2. Congradulations from cousins in the north?? Is this the best headline you could come up with? I try to follow and read your articles, because somehow I thought you were a journalist who writes about facts not your opinion when it comes to such a critical subject, but unfortunatly I found out that you are just like any other Mauritanian journalist who like to write to humiliate people for your own good, you could be paid for it or you could have done it just because, but only God knows. I know you try to show that you were neutral, but you are not, and your article headline is a proof. We voted for Aziz, and if you really believe in democracy then you would have accepted the loss of your learder whoever that is and try to unite the people not devide them with your articles, but you dont believe in it and that why you cant accept the loss but I know you are still probably in stage 1 of grief so it will take you time to come along. If you going to scare people of Aziz because he went to school in Morroco then you should do the same for Daddah for going to France or Sar for bieng in Senegal. I just wish you were better because we do need someone who writes facts not just your opinions at this critical time but unfortunatly you were not made to be a good journalist.

  3. Seeing Ahmed’s reaction for the first time. What was said was a fact: M6 the first to congratulate, knowing now that the ballots made a stop-over in Morocco before being delivered and the winning of Aziz. Even before the results were finally known with certainty. That is a fact.

    Now, few months later Mauritania has all the problems we could not imagine then with the statement made by the Mauritaniam Ambassador in Dakhla. The best approach is to stay clear of supporting Morocco or Algeria on the sahara issue.

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