A tale of two Historical Dictionaries

The following error was brought to my attention by Roger A. Payne at Duck of Minerva: At the Barnes and Noble website advertises the soon to be released Historical Dictionary of Terrorism by Sean K. Anderson using the image of Ludwig W. Adamec’s Historical Dictionary of Islam, 2nd Edition. Payne describes the mistake as “particularly clumsy”. I would concur. Having posted a link for friends to view on Facebook, many appear to be in disbelief, most feeling that it could not possibly be accidental — suggesting some kind of prank or vandalism. I would venture to give Barnes and Noble the benefit of the doubt, though I encourage others to contact customer service with an eye towards having the imagery changed for Anderson’s sake and Ludwig’s; not to mention other sensibilities that might spring up from this trouble.


I write to call your attention to the page on your website for Historical Dictionary of Terrorism by Sean K. Anderson, to be published on 16 August, 2009. The image provided to customers is not the one expected or desired. We are instead shown the image of the Historical Dictionary of Islam by Ludwig W. Adamec. This is an unfortunate error, surely gracing customers by pure coincidence and the failure of whatever process by which your books are assigned their images in merchandising or where ever it is these things are done on your end. It is my hope that you will be willing, capable and understanding enough to correct this especially awkward erratum in a timely manner.

For clarity here is the link to the page in question:


Thank you for your consideration . . .

7/3/2009 8:35:40 PM.


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