Serial rapist charged

Following up on the CIA officer (Andrew Warren) known to have raped at least two women during his time in the Algerian capital:

The CIA’s former top officer in Algeria has been indicted by a federal grand jury on a charge that he sexually assaulted a woman in the North African country last year.

Andrew Warren, 41, was released on personal recognizance after a brief appearance yesterday in the District’s federal court. The sexual-abuse charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

[. . .]

If an assault is confirmed, it will be viewed as particularly serious because it could damage diplomatic relations with Algeria and undermine U.S. efforts to improve its image in the Muslim world, former diplomats and foreign policy experts said.


One thought on “Serial rapist charged

  1. It is highly unlikley that the confermation of Warren’s henoius assault will undermine the United States is diplomatic relationship with Algeria.

    The countries leadership will not allow some rape victim to get in the way of a politically advantageous relationship with the old stars and strips.

    As for the United States is image in the Muslim world… the story will most likley not even pop up on the rader screen of the average Muhammed.

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