AQIM kills American in Nouakchott

Will coment on this shortly.


2 thoughts on “AQIM kills American in Nouakchott

  1. It is a mysterious killing. As usual, the Mauritanian security services will say nothing and find nothing.

    As a “conspiracy theorist”, I am lost. However, I do not believe in AQMI’s communiqué saying they did it. Too convenient for those in power and their friends manipulating things.

    Bizarre the US (1 dead In Nouakchott), France (4 dead near Aleg) and UK (1 dead in Northern Mali) having their countrymen killed in these faraway places and keeping quiet. Looks like they don’t care and want to let AQMI continue this deadly game. “They” find them when they want to negotiate, but never find them when they kill. C’est très bizarre.

  2. The murderers seem to have been excused by the family of the deceased. It is all over the news, with photo of his family, I suppose. Never seen a family excusing murderers before the are caught and seeking pardon. See link below. someone wants this to be forgotten. Condolences to the family and I wish the wife and daughters and parents best wishes.

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