Does anybody know if General Abdel Aziz can swim?

I am told he has built a large new home, complete with a swimming pool.


4 thoughts on “Does anybody know if General Abdel Aziz can swim?

  1. cool! in ksar or tevragh zeïna or in the countryside? someone should mobilise the people from the ‘quartiers précaires’ to go for a swim, since they have paid for it….

    btw, apparently the fndd has a new radio channel. I’ve been listening to some traditional music for about an hour now without being rewarded with anything else. I don’t think I can take it any longer… 😉

  2. Tried too to link up to that radio, but I could not succeed. Will try the weekend and I will not be looking for musik. Read that two ministers of the former government of Ould Cheikh Abdallahi gave interviews(Kebd and Emajar).

    The house is in Tevragh Zeina, although he has some real estate in Ksar, in Tevragh zeina again, in Inchiri (a huge farm) where uranium is (he ave most exploration rights to a relative banker) and apparently in Morocco, according to Taqadoumy. So money should not be a problem. I am however not sure if the guy can swim.

    You can have a look at the villa the day he was moving in the link below. Ba M’Bare the President ad interim is not living in the presidential palace as Aziz is refurbishing it for his return there in 45 days or less. Sure he is sleeping there: once you have it, you don’t let go. particularly if you are going to change the constitution and live there for the next 25 to 30 years. A Gadhafi in the making? The coup in 2005 was a tribal one, anyway: kicking out the smassides, using a brother-in-law to win the 2007 presidential election and kicking out the brother-in-law to take over the power. Since 6 August 2008, Aziz tribe control everything. More on this later.

  3. Of course he can ! I mean the guy can pull off bloodless coups , bring democracy to a coutry and help it devellop , and you’re asking if he can swim ?! MY FRIEND HE CAN FLY !
    Oh and I agree with the first comment , we should throw taqadoumy editors into a pool , but not full of sharks , have some pity for the sharks , what did they do to deserve eating poisiness crap ?

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