Mauritania briefly

snitchesgetstickesBelow is a quick roundup of a few relevant points on Mauritania, readers are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and insights, as recently my attention has been directed elsewhere.

  1. General Abdel Aziz’s resignation is meaningless. This much anyone even glancing at Mauritania should know. The junta leader resigned from the HCE and from his position as head of state. He did not, however, resign from the military as doing so would have separated him from the crucial BASEP unit, which functions essentially as his personal praetorian guard (authority over which he achieved from Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi). It is the basis of his political relevance and power and he will not give it up, meaning that his candidacy and potential presidency will be illegal, though in his mind and that of those behind behind him this matters very little.
  2. A merger of forces between RFD/FNDD towards a boycott of the polls and a massive civil disobedience campaign seems likely. The junta has made efforts to divide the opposition parties, employing familiar tactics (see below), opposition members increasingly see the necessity of a common front against the junta in de-legitimizing it and rendering its ability to carry on. Messaoud discusses his relationships with Abdel Aziz and Sidioca in an interview with Al-Akhbar, where he also describes his meetings with Ahmed Ould Daddah.
  3. Efforts at collapsing the opposition were dealt setbacks recently. The Constitutional Council rejected the application of Hamidou Baba for candidacy on the RFD ticket, finding no evidence that he was in fact backed by the RFD, which is, after all, boycotting the process. In the second place, a member of the Council resigned, a slap in the junta’s face.
  4. Libya’s personality cult will not extend into one part of Mauritania, contrary to the ambitions of some. The Nouakchott Urban Council refused to re-name a street after Muamar al-Qadhafi, citing his failure to settle the country’s crisis. This adds to junta’s trouble: The agent of the junta’s current circumstance cannot find Mauritanians to honor him, and it will be likely that down the line the junta will grumble for the same reason. For a discussion of Libyco-Mauritanian relations, see this interview with former Mauritanian minister and ambassador Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Weddady. He also provides insight into the RFD’s position.

9 thoughts on “Mauritania briefly

  1. Thank Kal and this is very accurate. I want to add that we got few people from Taya’s regime lining up to run:

    (i) the former Ould Taya PM Shair Ould M’Bareck
    (ii) the former Chair of Ould Taya’s party PRDS Ould Moctar El Hacen
    (iii) The all the time presidential hopeful Ms. Mint Jideine . Taya nd probably Aziz gave her $$ to do so in order to make the election normal,
    (iv) a woman advisor at the Presidency, Ms. Moulay Driss, and
    (v) the Chiefof ‘les cavaliers du changement” Ould Hanena who is not running, but will support Aziz.

    In addition to the above, you have two prominent negro-mauritanians (Kane Hamidou Baba and Moctar Sarr) running wih the certitude that they re not going to win. They are doing it for perks later and they don’t realize that there will perhaps no leection at all: the opposition will be in the street and Azz backers may just to take him out like they did for Ould Taya and here we go for another transition. Sidioca is very weak and cannot run anything and has no vision. He is not the Boutef type for resisting the army and playing cleverness to outsmart the sharks.

    My own views: the opposition leaders as we have today cannot run that country, despite the seriousness of Messaoud who sticks to his principles. But that is not enough. The best for the country is to have Ahmedou Ould Abdallah (currently representative of Ban Ki-Moon for Somalia) to run a tranition of 1-2 years with the assurances that he is not going to run after that transition. This would allow the political class to renew itself (rajeunir) and prepare good and transparent elections for 2012. But the dude Ould Abdallah is not saying anything, knowing that you can’t do something with the military breathing on your neck.

    N.B: France still behind the Generalissimo to get back its pré-carré lost to the Americans during Chirac’s presidency and get hold of oil and gas ressources as much as they can. With Areva and uranium, the justification is even greater for Sarko. The US still protesting ….

  2. Good morning Alle and others,

    There are only 4 candidates retained by the Conseil constitutionnel to run and they are all pro-Aziz:

    – El Generalissimo Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz HIMSELF

    – M. Ibrahima Moctar Sarr, who got from Aziz or Gadhafi money to pay off his 6-month late rent and buy a new villa (this is according to Taqadoumy and they know everything, including what the General has eaten last night and I don’t know how they do that), including depositing the 5 million ouguiya (around $23,000) like for each candidate running. Sarr party split in half with his decision to run;

    – M. Kane Hamidou Baba, who abandoned Ahmed Ould Daddah to run as an independent (he tried to run on Ould Dadah’s Party ticket but he was not allowed, accused of treason and I think he was working as a mole in Ahmed’s party for the military for long time). He is close to the military and certainly looking for the Presidency of the National Assembly, and

    – Former Ould Taya’s PM Sghaier Ould M’Bareck, meant to get the “Haratin” vote and very close to the General. Nice chap, but he needs a job.

    Two other male jockers + 3 wonderful ladies (they are supporting the General to make the election believable) could not make it because they did not fulfill certain requirements or no one paid for them the $23,000 deposit. That is, 5 rejected and it does not matter as they are unknown entities, will support the General and are unlikely to get 0.001% of the vote (yes, I said 0.001% of the vote).

    However, Messaoud Ould Boulkheir, Ahmed Ould Daddah, Mohamed Ould Maouloud and other troublemakeers from the opposition will not take part in the elections and that is very bad. Why? Because they will not allow people to go to vote and they will challenge the army and the police to make a mistake such as beating badly people in the street (or killing someone by accident) and that will be the end of the mascarade.

    For those who read French, below is the link of the letter of the President of the National Assembly to the President of the Conseil constitutiionnel. This letter and the opinion of the constitutional lawyer Ould Mohamed Saleh (I think I shared it with you) will be the arguments for the un-constitutionality of the election of 6 June. With that in hand, the opposition has no problem making Aziz’s life a hell and even any Samuel Doe can make a coup to topple Aziz in the future. We had 16 coup since independence I am told, a 17th one does not add to anything.

    N.B: Aziz’s friendship with the Iranians and his giving the premises of the Israel Embassy to the Gadhafi Foundation will not help him. I don’t know what Boutef is thinking of this since he was busy with his own election …. and the Sahara issue is not easing things. Morocco is pro-Aziz, no doubt about that.

  3. Sabotage of cars (we hear 5) belonging to high ranking government (the highest one former Ould Taya minister close to General Aziz) and military staff (a colonel doctor) in Nouakchott. Everyone is still calm, condemning the act. Friday early morning 4 cars and I hear another on today saturday.

  4. This is the article.

    25.04.2009 15:22:44

    Après les incendies simultanés d’hier, une cinquième voiture, appartenant à un militaire, prend feu aujourd’hui à Arafat

    (image d’illustration)

    Selon le site d’information en ligne, Essiraje, citant des témoins oculaires, une voiture de type Mercedes 190, portant le numéro d’immatriculation 3982 AF et appartenant à un médecin de l’Armée, a pris feu, aujourd’hui, dans l’arrondissement de Arafat, quartier de “Carrefour”, près de la Mosquée dite de Cheikh Sidi Elmokhtar Elkounty.

    Cet incendie, dont ni l’origine ni la signification n’ont été encore élucidées, intervient après ceux, simultanés, de quatre véhicules immatriculés “SG” et qui se sont produits dans les quartiers de Tavragh Zeina, Toujounine et Tayaret de la Capitale.

    Il faut rappeler que le Front et le Rassemblement des Forces Démocratiques (RFD) s’étaient immédiatement démarqués de ces actes qu’ils avaient qualifiés de vandalisme mais ont réitéré leur appel aux Mauritaniens à user de tous les moyens légaux et démocratiques pour faire échouer l’agenda de la Junte et hâter la mise en échec du Coup d’Etat du général limogé.

  5. Yes, the violence should stop including the sin of slavery of others in Mauritania. Young people should not be captured and made to be slaves with rapes,murdurs,cruelety, and other barbaric behaviours of lewd fellows of the baser sort. As long as the sinfulness of mens hearts rages on against God our Creator with rebellion against him this terrible behaviour will continue on. The only thing that can change the sinful heart of sinners is to repent of their sins against God our Creator and trust The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal God and Saviour.Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,and thy house.Acts 16:31. He died and shed his sinless blood as the atonement for all our sins on the cross years ago and rose from the dead the third day,was seen of men,and went back up to heaven. From our Creators book ,the Authorized King James Holy Bible of 1611. For more information, or or , Thank You,very much,Sincerely your truthful friend. George

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