WINEP on Algeria

From the Washington Institute on Near East Policy. Known for its [highly] partisan work on the Levant, it has yet produced several useful reports on North Africa, primarily with regards to Algeria and terrorism in North Africa. As American reportage and writing on North Africa is as a rule preoccupied with al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks in the region, it is refreshing to see reports dealing expressly with Algeria as it is and not in the context of some relatively contrived set of terminology that has little baring “on the ground”. Written by Dana Moss, known for her Libya work (readers may make of it what they will), the paper is titled “Elections in Algeria: Bouteflika Wins, Legitimacy Loses” and it is quite good. Beyond The Economist‘s gloomy but “stable” conclusion, Moss writes that the situation is stable in the short term but a lack of strong institutions and good governance make longer term prospects uncertain. I agree with this assessment.


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