The campaign is his: Obstruction and accusations

Most of the candidates have criticized the state media and the Bouteflika campaign for monopolizing ad space and for using intimidation to muscle out the other candidates’ messages. El Khabar reported on elements of the Bouteflika campaign using blackmail to pressure local officials and businesspeople into backing the campaign infrastructure (you could call it Bouteflintimidation), and today Djahid Younsi (El-Islah) criticized television bias and Mohamed Said called on PM Ahmed Ouyahia specifically for violating campaign laws by publicly endorsing Bouteflika and asking voters to support him. Le Soir notes Said’s early criticism and Louisa Hanoune’s paucity: The PT candidate generally refrains from mentioning Bouteflika (or others) by name, even if she criticizes the ruling establishment in general she evades direct attacks on the president. This is related to concerns that Hanoune is acting as a proxy of the regime, legitimizing the contest by providing court opposition. Mousa Touati (FNA), when asked where Bouteflika’s piles of cash came from, responded  “tax evasion and bribery“. Fawzi Rebiane (Ahd 54) also accused the Bouteflika campaign of “abusing state resources,” with talk of withdrawal coming up in the face of perceived and real bias. Television broadcasts imagery of Bouteflika, with minimal attention paid to others. State print media extols Bouteflika’s accomplishments, and seldom mentions the other candidates. Posters of Bouteflika with his trademark dove adorn building facades, walls, windows and light posts in major cities.

Rushing to the regime’s defense, the Interior Minister and longtime Boutefista, Yazid Zerhouni, has said that the candidates are “operating in an atmosphere of freedom of expression” and said he regretted that all but Bouteflika have complained that they are “just getting by” in terms of funding. (The state allocates some funds for campaigns and sets the price for ad space on television and other public fora.) The always callus Zerhouni may have done better to have simply said, “tough luck.”


3 thoughts on “The campaign is his: Obstruction and accusations

  1. The whole thing is quite funny. A president-king in the making and five bunnies(without the energizers batteries) in a dull campaign marked by a vertiginous succession of lies.

    A lie per second maybe. Everyone is giving so little importance to check their facts or to respect the intelligence of their audiences.

    the other aspect of this campaign is the return to the front of Ali Belhaj ex- number two of the FIS. This man is rewriting on his own the rules of politics in Algeria. He is heading a very active anti-campaign by using some methods ” a la Ghandi” having a direct contact with the citizens especially inside mosques. He is also present on the net and through Al Jazeera as well.

    A man can make a difference.

    Bouteflika will be …just another arab insignificant ruler. The people will get its revenge soon.

    Take care

  2. Wondering why Boutef wants a third term at his age. He should be home, cherishing the children of his children and writing his memoirs. His close Generals are almost all dead of old age. Is he going to live until the end of his third term? I wish him long life.

    For the “Bouteflintimidations”, welcome to the club: in Mauritania that is the practice for the last 40 years or so. They do that in all arab countries. They have it in the blood like Mauritanians seeing something wrong with democracy. All the time. Whoever is lucky to get eleted just do that. Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi who plays now the ideal victim, kicked out from top to middle management positions in the Mauritanian administration every single person thought to have voted for Ahmed Ould Daddah.

  3. Can he keeps his promises:

    To Louisa:
    I have chosen you to succeed me half way my next mandate. Don’t tell anyone.

    To Ahmed:
    I have chosen you to succeed me half way my next mandate. Don’t tell anyone.

    To the fln sudanes exec:
    I have chosen you to succeed me half way my next mandate. Don’t tell anyone.

    To Soltani:
    The fis will be back half way my next mandate and
    I have chosen you to succeed me half way my next mandate. Don’t tell anyone.


    To that fis exile in washington:
    You will be my foreign minister

    The merit of Bouteflika is to remove the burqa off the system that replaced colonialism.

    Yes he will keep one promise: colonialism will be back. distant and more sinister.

    But and But Algerians will be there for the rendez vous. Land of FreeMen will never yield.

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