A Hip Hop Junta?

dmxsleeveThis is hot stuff. Taqadoumy tells the story of Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou’s youthful love affair with hip hop in Paris and New York in the late 1980’s. The story (“Music with Balls”) was written exclusively for Jamaican-American rapper Kurtis Mantronix’s website by Kemal Mohamedou, the current Mauritanian Foreign Minister’s younger brother. While in the United States the brothers met a Jamaican rapper in New York, and before they knew it he and Kemal (his younger brother) were rapping over beats on “the first and most powerful drum machine ever used by rap groups” to that point — the German-made Oberheim DMX machine. This is where the group claims to have  picked up its name, The DMX Boys. FM Mohamedou apparently managed the group. The story is accompanied by a promotional shot (see right) of the brothers Mohamedou in fresh threads of the era, with the FM donning some fresh black shades. Below, the bards give many thanks to fans, fellow rappers, their wives and “all praises due to Allah.” It seems that Mohamedou’s experience with ferocious rhymes have not helped him to gain significant international support for his new employers, however.


4 thoughts on “A Hip Hop Junta?

  1. But he’s a clever guy – I saw him pitted against Gilles Kepel, no less, on the best – or rather the only good – French talk-show there is (Ce soir ou jamais – http://ce-soir-ou-jamais.france3.fr/index-fr.php?page=accueil), and the one who was awe-struck was Gilles Kepel, a rare occurence since he’s usually an ardent believer in his own perfection (the subject of the day was Al Qaeda, on which Ould Mohamedou has written a book recently). You’d have thought that Ould Mohamedou was the famed islamologst, translated into ten languages and with op-eds in Le Monde, the NYT and Newsweek. That said, he may have picked a losing horse here…

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