Mauritania and the Tuaregs

To respond something riased by a reader in the comments field of another post:

I don’t know where to put this query for your opinion, ladies and gentlemem. There is a security summit of heads of state of 6 countries from the sahara-sahel region: Mali (host), Algeria, Libya, Burkina, Niger, and Chad. It is all about the security situation re: touareg, AQMI and trafficking.

My question is why Mauritania and Morocco not invited? They are also concerned by this issue. Thanks if anyone can shed some light on this.

Manipultion of these groups by states are somehow confirmed: le Soir de Bamako accusing Mauritania of involvemnt in helping the Ag Bahanga group and President ATT of Mali accusing directly in an interviewwith RFI on 6 February Mauritania of involvement again in his troubles with the touaregs.

If small Mauritania is involved in aiding the touaregs, I am also thinking that Mali is involved in something that has to do with protecting the emirs (all algerians according to Kal) that were running those behind Lemgheity, Tourine and the murder of the 4 French tourists by Ould Sidna and Ould Chabarnou. Otherwise, the current “animosity” for quite some time between these two neighboring countries does not fly. I know there is some conspiracy theory in what I am saying, but I find this awkward. The 2 states (Mauritania and Mali) are mute on this, including Algeria, Libya, Morocco, the US and France. They all know who did what, but they are all keeping quiet about it, while innocent people are been killed.

It is to my knowledge correct to say that Mauritania is backing elements of the Tuareg rebellion in Mali. Last month I was told about a conversation between elements in the junta in which using the Tuaregs as a way of getting back at “the lekwar” (black Africans, e.g. Mali) was discussed and encouraged. I am told that the junta is providing weapons, logistics and even money (though I’m quite sure how much cash they’re able to provide). I haven’t seen news reports on it, but this what I have been told by people in Nouakchott. So I think that might be an important part of their abscence, along with other factions. As to why it was abruptly canceled, I’m not sure. I encourage informed readers to enlighten us all.


4 thoughts on “Mauritania and the Tuaregs

  1. Thanks Kal for this piece of info. Mauritania and Morocco were also not invited to the preparatory meeting of the Bamako Summit by the Foreign Ministers of the few key countries involved. If the junta in Nouakchott is involved in this Ag Bahanga movement, it is certainly to pay back something done to them. In my humble opinion, this goes beyond Mali not recognizing the junta.

    Read last night in the NYT (the Sahara conundrum – that the US forces refused to help the junta to chase the Tourine perpatrators because they were not supporting the coup of General Abdel Aziz. I don’t remember what General Aziz said in a meeting of his ministerial cocil regarding Algeria behind something. Morocco coming in from time to time accusing Polisario doing something with GSPC or AQMI. So the confusion is fabricated by our states that know exactly who is doing what and for what purpose. Only the rest of us is kept in the dark, while innocent people die right and left.

    The best approach to this is to prepare a kind of huge open letter to all Heads of State and Government “victims” – assuming that they are all victims to have them listen and not to be on the defensive – to ask them to come open on this. The letter should be address to Boutef, M6, ATT, Aziz, Tandia, Sarko and Obama because they know exactly what is going on and the strotyline on well fed and well-organized AQMI is not flying 100%. This open letter should be signed by prominent people from the whole sahara-sahel area. This cannot continue. How to do that?

  2. One of the markets where Tuareg fighters (or anyone else) can buy weapons, vehicles, etc., is right on the Mauritania/Mali border, a few hundred km north of Araoune. I don’t know if that market still exists or if it was connected with official Mauritanian state business.

  3. Thanks Adrian. Also read this in Géze/Mellah and in Jeremy Keenan. All this equipment (see link and photos below) cannot come from traficking alone if we want to believe the story from the press these recent days.

    Someone is certainly giving cash for this and it can’t be an Al Capone in the area. It should be a state. Anytime I see a picture of djihadists, they are well fed, well equiped and do not look like a horde of revolutionaries wandering in the desert. They even take heir time to hit their targets and go slowly somewhere. We are always told that they go to Northern Mali, although Tourine is closer to Morocco.

    There is no official Mauritanian state business importing arms and selling them to touaregs. The only source could be an army … or any army should know who is doing this dirty business. That is why they each have a sort of intelligence bureau and they learn intelligence gathering in military academies. So definitively states are involved, giving more credit to what Jeremy Keenan was saying long ago but nobody wanted to listen to it. This has to stop.

  4. Kal,

    What you are saying seems to be somehow confirmed by “Billets d’Afrique et d’ailleurs” in the French section of Taqadoumy ( I don’t know how serious billet d’Afrique is.

    However the row between Mali and Mauritania seems to be over the refusal of Mali to recognize the junta and its new ambassador. The junta going after Mali because they are “Kwars” is difficult to believe anymore within nationalist circles (they are in the military) after the human rights abuses of 1989-91. The military want to solve that issue without going through a truth and reconciliation conference, but I am not certain they will succeed. Particularly after taking by force power in Mauritania.

    On another somehow linked to this (manipulation of terrorists) seems to come back as I have seen François Gèze talking in France24 this morning about the Generals behind the recent series of attacks by jihadis in Algeria to somehow derail the election process currently ongoing in that country. Someone does not know what to believe.

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