Ould Daddah to junta: Scram

Not too surprising. More later.


2 thoughts on “Ould Daddah to junta: Scram

  1. Ahmed Ould Daddah is right concerning the military, but wrong concerning Sidi. You can’t kick out a President elected by 52% of the electorate, to whom you conceded victory and to come back 15 months later for another election before the guy finishes his term.
    Could you imagine the US military making a coup against G.W. before the end of his term the other day? Anyway, the decision of the AU Heads of State and Government last night was very clear: Sidi has to come back or else.

    Thanks kal for keeping an eye on this. Looking forward for more from you.

  2. Le Peace and Security Council of the African Union has just handed over the condemnation of the junta in Nouakchott. This condemnation says this:

    “Le Conseil décide que les sanctions, prévues au paragraphe 9 du communiqué de sa (…) réunion tenue le 22 décembre 2008, entrent en vigueur”, a déclaré le président du CPS, Manuel Domingos Augustos, ambassadeur d’Angola auprès de l’UA.

    Le Conseil “demande à la Commission de prendre les mesures nécessaires à la mise en oeuvre de ces sanctions et de lui rendre compte régulièrement”, et demande aussi “à tous les Etats membres de mettre en oeuvre scrupuleusement la présente décision”, a-t-il poursuivi.

    © AFP – Février 2009

    And the famous para 9 of their condemnation of 22 December says this :

    9. Décide, conformément aux dispositions pertinentes de la Déclaration de Lomé et du Protocole relatif à la création du Conseil de paix et de sécurité sur les changements anticonstitutionnels de Gouvernement, que si, d’ici au 5 février 2009, l’ordre constitutionnel n’est pas rétabli, le Conseil imposera des mesures, y compris des sanctions ciblées, en particulier le refus d’accorder des visas, des restrictions sur les voyages et le gel des avoirs, à l’encontre de toutes les personnes, aussi bien civiles que militaires, dont les activités ont pour objet de maintenir le statu quo anticonstitutionnel en Mauritanie. Le Conseil décide également que ces mesures seront communiquées au Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies pour qu’il leurconfère un caractère universel, et ce à la lumière de la Déclaration présidentielle duConseil de sécurité des Nations unies du 19 août 2008.

    Despite this and knowing the sanctions were coming in few hours, General Aziz decided to announce that he will be running for the June 2009 elections.

    Mauritania is giving exemples in democratie: the first in holding a supposed free and fair elections in the Arab World (we found later that the military tricked everybody by supporting their man) and the second the international community getting ride of a milirar coup. Kadafi will not help because he would prefer not having ennemies against his vision of a United States of Africa. Moreover, the US will regain some territory in the region from France as Susan Rice will not hesitate to give a kick for the UN Security Council to make universal the condemnation of the AU and target the key military and civilian coup plotters by freezing their accounts and barring anyone to travel. Likely that some of their business supporters will split by end of this week when they understand that they could lose their business. With the Central Bank reserves shrinking, there is prospect of the local currency going down and the prix of basic necessity and inflation going up. Mauritania is not Saddam’s Irak and the cost of bling support has some limit in our society in Northern Africa, I guess.

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