Erdogan’s activism

The walk out at Davos sent him back home to an Ottoman welcome

More about Erdogan’s edgy Ottomanism.


4 thoughts on “Erdogan’s activism

  1. Gaza situation is a real tragedy in all respects. Erdogan’s reactions in Davos and his diplomatic efforts and solidarity are to appreciate. But why should the Arabs( we) blame Israel and the west if the Palestinean president himself and the Arab neighbors give their blessing to Israel’s wars. Tzipi Levni said that Israel was defending the moderate Arabs ( KSA, Egypt, Jordan and Ramallah authority).The term (moderate) means in the Israeli / Western terminology ( like the term ally), de facto:traitor/collaborator. The timing of the Doha (emergency?) summit helped rather the Israelis who have not achieved their goals , at least the rockets have not been stopped and we have not seen surrending Palestinean fighters . from Hamas history we know that when the organisation loses one of its leaders its popularity increases and becomes more stronger than before. This does not mean that the summit has been completly a failure. Because the resistance leaders were invited and non-Arab Islamic countries ( Turkey, Iran,Senegal) as well, and the Qatari efforts are also remarkable, considering the pressure put on them (by US,KSA,Iran,etc, at least they are active and initiative). There is an important new point. The dictators have decided through the Arab League(Amr Moussa) and Ramallah government to sue Israel for war crimes. We know that no one in the world, including the Palestinean themselves, would believe that the Arabic dictators, who were encouraging Israel,watching, and hoping it could destroy Hamas( the nightmare for Egypt and KSA), do really care about the Palestinean victims in Gaza or elsewhere. Even the so called (revolutionaries) have not condemned the war. In fact, the dictators want to protect themselves from being charged by the International Criminal Court(ICC) ,that is to accuse the Sudanese president Bashir. This explaines perhaps why he was the first dictator who arrived in Doha( what differs Gaza morally from Darfour?). As we know that the UN and the ICC are not going to punish Istael, so,the dictators hope, in return, that the ICC would desist from accusing Bashir and other similar cases . If the Arab dictators indeed want justice and respect of human rights they shoul first open their prisons and publish the names of people they themselves have killed and tortured. The Arab people who criticise the other world( UNO, the West, etc) for not recognizing their rights, must first wake up, rise up and overthrow their despots and rebuild their countries and establish states of law ,democratic culture and human rights, so that they can show the other (unfair) world their own understanding of justice,democracy and human rights, to show the way they wish to be treated.
    The US and the West have allways stressed their support for Israel,they have never claimed neutrality in the conflict. Why the Arabs,when they fail in all fields, continue reminding each new US administration it should keep promices that it never made. The problem is that the world is changing,the Arab way of thinking never!

    Many Arabs still have not realized what does the downfall of Saddam hussein really mean for the Iraqis who suffered under his regime. For us,Arabs, we saw how cruel that dictator was, and how weak and isolated as well. Many Arabs still listen to the rhetoric of the dictators and their conspiracy theory. There is always an outside enemy, a threat, or an Istimar. Why do the dictators tell us that there is an outside threat that is about to invade the country? Because the dictators do not want us to focus on the internal issues. al-Istimar ( الاستعمار) left the Arabic countries sixty years ago (اخذ عصاه ورحل). Currently, there is a competition for resources and influece in the world. The Arab region locates in the heart of this world and does not contribute according to its location and ressources , it is an idle region . So,if the Arabs do not realize that the time has come to change their situation, they might someday open their eyes to discover that it is too late to have influence over the decisions relating to their region. The dictators have missed the chance to modrnize their countries. The Arabs should know that our real enemies are the dictators themselves. If we want to fight the Istimar, we must fight the dictators. The Arab countries regained their independence, the ressources were nationalized. Why young people from North Afrika die in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranian ? Why we have people among us who are willing to blow up themselves? Why do we Arabic human beings ( not citizens!) still have to go to our Sheikhs, a family members, pay bakshish(also indirectly) or show any kind of loyalty to someone, when we have to do with (our) public services? Why the Arabic human being is not allowed to visit an other Arab country without dificulties,although people used to do so under the Istimar, even without documents? Why the quality level of education,services,etc , provided by the Istimar administration, was higher than after the independence,allthough not widely available? Why the Arabic human being became a danger in his country, everywhere? Is it fair to blame the Istimar? Why do we Arabs always need a certain unique face to believe in,although we are mainly Muslims, and therefor, should not? The modern states can not be ruled by a person or a single group.they are ruled by ideas. All ressources of the country must be mobilized in order to be able to contribute and compete. This issues have to do with the brain . Our countries have missed this process due to the failled policies und mismanagement of the dictators. Although a Muslim, I sometimes believe in Darwin’s theory. As the Arab countries are not prepared and for this reason will not survive the international competion , the Arabs should not be surprised, if the change comes from abroad, because this region is important, but does not contribute, it becomes even a danger!

    I would like to give one or two examples to show that there is nothing will change in our countries, unless we (every one of us!) wake up and take the initiative ourselves:

    First, during the Davos forum, few years ago, I do not recall wich year, but I think those intersted can easily find it out. In an open session on the Middle East, the Arabic participants were, Amr Mousa, Seif al-Islam Gadhafi,Gamal Mubarak, a prince from the Gulf region ( maybe the Bahraini Foreign Minister?), other Arab experts, plus Shimon Peres. A Palestinean Journalist ( seemed to be an emancipated young women from the Ramallah Authority) asked( or expressed her hope addressing him) Seif al-Islam( while he was responding to questions on Lybia and on potential plans to succeed his father,like Gamal Mubarak,etc) whether he would introduce democratic reforms? Seif’s answer is not relevant for us here. The question we should ask: would the same Palestinean journalist repeat that same question again, taking into account that President Abbas refuses to step down and the legitimacy of his korrupt PLO is questined? If the (young) Palestinean state( that still does not exist), is turning out to be a dictatorship, how should we expect positiv changes in other Arabic countries? President Abbas might be a democrat, but the other Arabic dictators on whom he totally depend ( Egypt, KSA, in particular, which dominate the Arabic League) do not want to see a democratic Palestinean state. This is more important for them than the Gaza aid programm, the Palestinean unity, or the independence itself. This means that dictatorships accept only dictatorships! At least in this case, we can not blame Israel, which sure pursues its own interests. The main obstacle are the dictators! Whatever the Palestinean decide , there is a fact that can not be overlooked: I have never heard in my life of a state or a president that received all the international support ( from Arabic League, USA, Russia,China, EU, UN, even from Israel,etc) that the president Abbas and the Ramallah authority have received. Even the US president himself would only dream of receiving such massive international support. So, where is the plot( مؤامراة)? Where is the Istimar? Of corse all follow their own interests,but why the Arabs do not be part of this (all) and defend(fight for ) their interests?

    Secondly: At the mentioned Davos session, an Indian Journalist asked the arab delegation why they do not adapt the Indian democratic style, if they do not want the Western(colonial ) one? Amr Moussa stumbled first. Whatever he said. All of us are sure that his answer was not satisfying. We know that Moussa’s answer will never be satisfying, because he is merely a powerless civil servant appointed by the dictators. And he must support his own family.

    I think that many agree that in some small and rich emirates, such as Qatar, Quwait and UAE,etc, people might do not need or want radical changes. Those countries can introduce some reforms or play a role, like theyare doing, and we know from our history that Arabic businessmen have allways supported the revolutions, because we have no kind of prolitariat in our Arabic Islamic culture , but it is not to expect them to lead the necessary changes. It is not there natural job.

    I hope that the Arabs realize what is going on around them, they should look at Asia, India, former communist Europe, South America,Iran, even Black Afrika that we used to laugh at. All this nations have (at least mentally!) changed.
    Arabs: get rid of your dictators/traitors/collaborators/liars ! All what you see in our countries ( opposition, media , institutions, action groups ,etc) is one of the different faces of the dictator. Rise up! Get rid of the Mukhabarat and Makhzen!
    Boycott all this organs! Have courage and confidence in yourself, organize yourself! The world would respect you and support you, even the Istimar. The dictators controll our life,the life of our children,family,friends, our emoitions ,our dreams, even our breath. Arabs, it is the time (our time) to act and take decisions,once in our life, know or never!

    I think there are two possible ways for change in the Arabic world right now: 1) organizing peaceful demonstrations calling on the despots to resign,2)or, there is a wind of military coups blowing in the Sahel region( mauretania,Guinea ), so we can hope that this wind spreads over the Arabic countries; that might have been one of the reasons why the Moroccan King (M6), did not attend neighther the Doha nor the Quait summit, as well as the summit of the Mediterranian union last year in Paris.

  2. addendum: As for Darfur, the Arabs should understand that God Justice is too ideal. What exists is the hope for justice. If a Criminal is punished, the hope of those who seek justice will grow. Those who argue that the ICC is taking sides when it comes to the Arab rights, are right, but not realistic and rather naive. Even if the ICC decided to punish Israel, the Netherlands (= EU) would refuse to support that case : 1) per se, because of the sensitivity of Jewish issues in Europe; 2) plus, and consequently , because of the different ties and commitments with the US. The International Instituations can not work smoothly without the the US,wich provides work environment, security,budget,etc. This has to do with our todays world order and its historic background. Some might say that the US sometimes abuse their leading (moralic?) role;this argumentation is to some extent true, but until now we have no other alernative. On the other hand, if the the Arabs had their own credible legal system, they would not need to go to other (as small) countries like Belgium and Spain to accuse Israelis, or at least,theoritically, help the ICC avoid the Western pressure.

    For this reasons, it is in the Arabs( and Palestinean’s) interest to support the ICC, to support the hope!

    If Omar Bashir is an honest Muslim, he should resign to avoid international sanctions and go to people of Darfur to ask for forgiveness. The Sudanese people, who I do love, should realize the seriousness of their countrys situation. The man has already caused a great damage to the country. They should show solidarity with their Muslim victims, and with those who have been suffering. Give the man what he needs and tell him to go home and pray for the rest of his life!

    I am sure that Mr. Moreno-Ocampo have submitted strong evidences against president Bashir.The Judges of the ICC may only listen to their own conscience !

    The Arabs and Muslims do support the hope!

  3. I found an interesting Arabic comment that fits good at this place, I think it was on the last meeting of the Arab Ministers of Internal Affairs (= the Mukhabarat Ministers). I hope that the Arabs memorise it and repeat it at each prayer, that may help us in our struggle against our dictators:

    اللهم أجعل أيامهم عددا وجمعهم بددا
    وكن لنا في حربهم سندا يا أرحم الراحمين

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