CIA in Algiers: Serial Rape

That the CIA Station Chief in Algiers is a serial rapist will do serious damage to  American prestige in that country. When this story hits the Algerian press, one can expect fire and anger. There are already enough conspiracy theories and rumors of ill will surrounding the American embassy and other American apendages in the country (one cannot talk to Algerians about the “War on Terror” without being asked (rhetorically) “Who started al-Qaeda? The CIA! Who created the [Arab] Afghans? The Americans!”). That this fellow went around drugging and touching Algerian women will have absolutely pernicous effects on the way Algerians look at the United States. Notice that the Algerian ambassador says that Algeria’s government wasn’t informed about the multiple rape accusations against its citizens as well. This will be the basis for conspiracy theories going forward and it shows that the Americans wanted to hide it, maybe to keep this man from being held responsible in the Algerian legal system where he would probably not face fair trial (a foreigner raping Algerian women has no chance to present “his side” of things) and if the identies of the women came out in Algeria their lives would be quite difficult, though not as much as had they been so coldly and perversely abused by other Algerians, which would bring nothing but social alienation if not indifference. Because this “man” is a foreigner, anger and spite will be directed at him and his country, less so at the women as might otherwise be the case in the country’s less enlightened quarters. If this “man” were an approximate Algerian official and these poor women came out with such stories against him, they would dissappear or be killed in a random accident. There would be no justice, just as there has been little justice for the countless victims of rape at the hands of various sets of armed personnel in Algeria: The station chief has joined the ranks of many men of arms in Algeria, exploiting his position to tear dignity away from the people of a demoralized nation.


8 thoughts on “CIA in Algiers: Serial Rape

  1. Raping is worse than taking a life of a person, show no mercy to the rapist.In China a convicted rapist will be shot to death.The CIA station chief in Algeria was accused of raping at least two Algerian women, I must say two algerian women not two muslim women as the reporter said in WABC.A muslim woman would never socialize with a stranger.A stranger is someone who is not her husband, borthers, uncles, the very relatives.When you go out and socialize with an American and a CIA operative, What are you going to expect?He is not going to teach you manners-I feel bad for them, because they put themselves in a very inapropriate situation that not only they don’t deserve justice but to prosecute them and put them in jail for not being responsible and for socializing with a foreign agent from an intelligence agency.
    The operative violate the CIA code of conduct , he will be persecuted and possibly jailed or fired from his job.There would be no damage to the American prestige in Algeria.The relationship between the two countries are very strong and no whore can put this realtionship to the test.

  2. The CIA Chief had not agressed the women on the streets or anywhere in the outside.The women had entered into the CIA offices.When they accept to dring anything giving from a man that the main job is killing, they must support the responsability for all risks.

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  4. I have the tendency to agree with Kakow that “no whore can put this realtionship to the test”. The victimes are 2 volage women who were looking for adventure with men. Victime 1 (V1) is obviously of a great character. The second victim (V2) has the character of cheating on her husband (why she followed this Warren in the kitchen, if it is not to get closer and get him that night or a night later?). They met a sick guy trained in drugging women to rape them and it looks like it is not his first time. I think they complained as he dumped them after the act. If he has kept in touch with them, they would not have complained. I think they are all of sick character. I can’t visit a man in his residence at night well dressed like V2 without my husband. Going out at night to have a drink with a stranger at his house is a clear indication that having sex with him is ok.

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