Rap in Berber

Listen to the three verses of this song, the second in particular. It sounds somewhat like Chaouia. (This may be difficult for some readers!)

Fun, hih?


4 thoughts on “Rap in Berber

  1. nice, thanks for this. sounds like tarriffit. he’s singing about nador and in the german section says he’s a berber, from the sahara, from morocco, from north africa.

  2. thanks

    indeed,the song is in tarifit which has a lot of similarities with tachawit of algeria and tanefusit from libya.

    they are all part of the zenata version of tamazight.
    historically,the zenata confederation originated in libya,they started a westward migration (conquest) during the roman rule in north africa, they are the ones who introduced the camels from the middleast,they were the backbone of the muslim conquest of al andalus , and were also the founders of the zianid dynasty in west algeria and the marinids in morocco.

  3. I knew it was Tarifit, and it always amazes me that the proximity between the two languages remains so close between Tarifit and Tachawit, especially given the geographic distance. The Mezabites also speak a Zenati dialect, which is very close to the now dwindling Tunisian and Libyan dialects, a legacy of the Rustamid dynasty.

    When I was in Holland, I remember hearing Tarifit and think it was Chaoui. It resembles Chaoui even more than Kabyle, for just the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    Thanks for the comment s lehna!

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