2nd Front

The pitfalls in having a Maghreb-centered blog are many. I spoke with a Levantine friend who has relatives in “the Cause” and who is pretty knowledgable about that situation. He told me with great confidence early this week that Hezb Allah would have opened the “second front” by next week. Being more interested in other things, I made no effort on that topic: Readers know I have posted very little on the Gaza business. I will wait to until it is over to make major observations. In any event, had I post on this on Monday or Tuesday, I could pretend to have “predicted” the northern front in the most recent Levatine squabble. So I will do so now. If I turn out to be right or wrong, so be it. These rockets are not Hezb Allah rockets, though.


One thought on “2nd Front

  1. It’s no hush hush any more: according to Blacksmiths of Lebanon (source that I haven’t been found really wrong until now), both Hezbollah and the PFLP-GC are transporting missiles and men from the Bekaa to the Southern border. Some of the missiles have been found by the FAL, but most probably got through easily. This is not good at all… 😦

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