This clever Moroccan site — Obama to Speak in Morcco — is marketing that country as the best candidate for Obama’s proposed Islamic world speech. They’ve even drafted my post on the issue to their cause. Note that I have no realtionship with “Obama to Speak in Morocco,” whatsoever, and operate this blog and write on my own behalf and no one else’s, and recieve no financial or material gifts or compensation from any individual or organization. Other posts have been aped by the Muslim Brotherhood’s English website, Amazigh web pages and some others, always without my permission or knowledge (beforehand).


3 thoughts on “TMND on OTSIM

  1. Interesting. Have not read your post on Obama, but I will now, because of its implications for our “waring” countries. Don’t worry if you are accused to take side. We know you are not and you are giving us some food for thought on issues pertaining to the region. I appreciated very well your past posts on Turkey and the new OPEC gas consortium. Among others, of course: Ya Khattou, Al Majlissi and your excellent post that I responded to. That is why I m checking almost every morning or night. Keep it up. We need you and you are opening our eyes on some key issues no one is talking about.

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