“Amazigh American”

amazighcomplete1Amazigh Gothic (Algerian-American), 2008, acrylic on panel , 25 x 30 inches, by Gwenn Seemel.

From the artist:

Apple Pie is my upcoming series about what it means to be an American.  The subjects are mostly immigrants and the children of immigrants, along with one African American, one Native American, and one American-American (a person whose family has been in the US for many generations). Each of the subjects’ likenesses is combined with the image of an American icon, anyone from Elvis Presley to Susan B. Anthony. 

[ . . . ]

I decided to remake American Gothic for a new generation of Americans.  My subjects are a real-life father and daughter.  Cherif immigrated to the United States from France but he is originally from Algeria.  His daughter’s name is Taous. 

[ . . . ]

I wanted my version, Amazigh Gothic, to be the foil to American Gothic‘s exaggerated plainness.  I chose particularly dynamic expressions for Cherif and Taous. 


4 thoughts on ““Amazigh American”

  1. I thought this was funny. There is a guy who attends my university (Karim) who is attending classes through a student exchange program. He is from France, born and raised, but he is Moroccan in descent. He has made friends and hangs out with some friends of mine. He is as blond as my Scottish father, but something about looks non-European, at least to my distinguished eyes. In the couple of in depth discussions i have had with him, i get the sense that he is culturally French beyond recognition of his Amazigh roots; i felt that i knew more about the Maghreb than him. Karim will be going back to France right at the conclusion of the fall semester.


    • Well There are about 2 millions of French people of Amazigh (Berber) descent. The most important group in number are the Kabyles. Famous french of kabyle origin ? Soccer stars Zidane (retired) , Benzema of Real Madrid, Nasri of Manchester City, Singer Edith Piaf, actors like Danny Boon and so many….others.

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