Keep it real

And people wonder why Barack Obama, like his Democratic predocessors, spits in the face of Arabs and Muslims.


5 thoughts on “Keep it real

  1. that’s very interesting. I guess ‘the mustache’ should consider this when thinking of abandoning relations with israel….. At the moment it looks like he has not inherited that set of skills from taya…

  2. “according to a recent poll of voters conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and commissioned by The Israel Project”

    Do you really give any credit to such poll ? I do believe that americans are pro-israel but not to that extend. Too extreme to count.

  3. As usual, every bias lies into the question itsekf and how it was asked. If you ask the question as mutually exclusive, you will probably get this kind of answer indeed. After all, why would Americans support Palestinians (who publicly claim that they hate them at any occasion) above Israeli (who have strong historic ties with them)? Now, if you ask the question like this: would you support a mutually beneficial peace agreement between Palestinians and Israeli, ensuring the wellness and continuous existence of both nations; I am sure that you would get a very positive answer (and not only in the USA) with figures around the 80%, both right and left.

  4. It’s funny, i think one could say that the “almost two-thirds” who voted that the U.S. should be concerned with the Iranian standoff, are the same voters as the 66% who say that America should back Israel in peace negotiations. The 72% who say that the U.S. should prevent Nuclear warheads from reaching Iran tell me that fear of Muslims in the Middle East draws alliance with Israel, not the preference to preserve Israel in itself.

    Not surprising in the least.

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