Sidi’s out

Sidi was released this week, as readers probably know. Reactions to and comments on this will be forthcoming either tomorrow or the next day. So will comments on last week’s AU statement on the Mauritanian sitution.


3 thoughts on “Sidi’s out

  1. Thank you Kal. We, Mauritanians, are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a very bad political class. We don’t know where to go as we could no see things coming.

    Sidi no good and the military no good. None can stay, but by kicking out sidi, we install the military for the next 100 years, particularly as they think that big oil is coming and all this tribal competition in the background: smacide first, then oulad bousbaa and then probably the tribe of Ghazwani who do not seem on the US list of unwanted people landing in New York any time soon. The situation is very bad and we mightend up like Somalia soon …

    On top of this background, you have the negro-mauritanians who may not hesitate to take up arms as a the winnning of Aziz and his 12 colleagues of the HCE will just kill the return of our refugees in Mali and Senegal as those involved in the sad events of 1999 are among them. Put on top of that the probable manipulation of a false Al Qaida/GSPC for what we know according to what Keenan, Geze, Mellah, and Co. seems to be saying, and of course the clear competition between france and the US there. No one of his right mind can believe one secnd what the foreign ministers of Algeria and Libya said the other day after their meeting in Bamako: Algeria and Libya are not in competition. That is just b.s. and Morocco is in competition too like the US, France, Poutine and the Chinese. Mauritania was so peaceful before discovery of oil and gas off-shore. I know you knw the French signing oil and gaz deals with the junta, while condemning them.

    I think all started in 2004 around the release of the famous report that no Mauritanian read, entitled “Promoting transparecy in the oil sector – A report of the CSIS Task Force on rising U.S. energy stakes in Africa” by David Goldwyn and J. Stephen Morrison, March 2004 (still available, I guess, on the web). Mauritanians are lost and almost none sees the big picture. We have theAlgerians pissed-off because of he alleged alignment of the junta towards Morroco. The spaniards are going through hell these days with Algerians and having their oil/gas contracts reconsidered after their statement supporting Morocco and the junta in Mauritania. We have always told the CMJD and the Sidoca regime to stay clear of the Sahara issue as it might just destabilize the country, but they do not have the intelligence to listen. Messaoud who goes to Rabat to say the country is in agreement with Morocco’s plan, to be forced to say that he did not say what we know he said out of stupidity and certainly greed.

    Thank you for writing something on the other moors/kwars next door. I know you will write good. Mauritanians need to hear other sides, independently of course.

  2. the French ministry of foreign affairs says:

    le retour du président élu dans son village natal ne vaut pas retour à l’ordre constitutionnel. D’autant plus que le président élu et légitime de Mauritanie semble toujours être sous résidence surveillée, même dans son village natal. L’envoyer dans son village natal en résidence surveillée ne répond pas à ce qui a été demandé le 20 octobre par l’Union européenne à la junte mauritanienne : la libération du président et du Premier ministre légitime, le retour à l’ordre constitutionnel et l’organisation d’élections démocratique. Cela n’y ressemble pas. Nous rappelons donc à la junte mauritanienne qu’il reste quelques jours avant le 20 novembre.

    for those that are non-francophone: “to move the president doesn’t mean a return to constitutional order. The legitimate president still is under close surveillance by the military. Thus the demand to release the president is still being upheld and it is reminded of the deadline which is coming up soon (20th november).”

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