Fast, before exams

Brief news I thought was interesting (more to come):

Bouteflika has proposed an an addition to the APRM to monitor elections in Africa. The body would attempt to remedy inconsistencies and “disfunctions” in African elections. This would lend authenticity and “confidence in electoral competition.” 

The Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi announced that Mauritania has been suspended from the APRM (it has already been suspended from OIF). The AU said that it is in harmony with the EU position on Mauritania, and encouraged the junta to “seize the opportunity” offered by the 30 day EU deadline to avoid further sanctions.

Tanzania urged the Mauritanian FM to restore democratic order.

An Azeri website is reporting that 6 suspected terrorists were arrested in Mauritania yesterday.

Khatou was arrested, again.

The junta has set up a committee to review the country’s relations with Israel. 

Last week article about former dictator Maouiyya Ould Tayya received dozens more comments than most other news stories on Taqadoumy (Arabic), most of them nostalgic, lamenting the country’s current crisis.


2 thoughts on “Fast, before exams

  1. With the US suspending its military aid to Mauritania, and the AU and EU threatening further sanctions, I was surprised to see that Mauritania (along with a few other North African countries) is nevertheless involved in a large-scale naval exercise with the EU (
    Does this mean that the EU’s threats are just pro forma, and that they have no intention of re-examining their military cooperation with Mauritania?

  2. It is posturing. At the same time, Total is working with the junta to improve the roads. We all know that it is not what France and Belgian say in the chancelleries that count, but what Total does on the ground (or under it…), no pun intended.

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