Stanctions start

The sanctions have started (beginning with US travel bans), as hannes noted in the comments. We’ll see how this affects the situation. I promise a longer post before the middle of the week (on Boulkheir).


4 thoughts on “Stanctions start


    Le Général Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz
    Le Général Félix Négri
    Le Colonel Mohamed Ould Cheikh Elhadi
    Le Colonel Dia Adama Oumar
    Le Colonel Ahmedou Bamba Ould Baya
    Le Colonel Mesgharou Ould Ghoisi


    Moulay Ould Moahmed Lagdhaf
    Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
    Amadou Tidjane Bal
    Mohamed Lemine Ould Guig
    Mohamed Ould Maaouiya
    Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamed Lemine
    Sidi Ould Tah
    Mohamed Lemine Ould Dadde
    Sid’Ahmed Ould Rais
    Mohamed Lemine Ould Aboye
    Di Ould Zein
    Sy Adama
    Mohamed Abdellahi Ould Siyam
    Hacen Ould Limame Ould Amar Jowda
    Bemba Ould Dermane
    Ahmed Ould Bah
    Hacenna Ould Ely
    Messouda Mint Baham
    Moussa Seydi Boubou Kamara
    Mohamed Ould Abderrahmane Ould Moïne
    Selam Mint Cheikhna Ould Lemrabott
    Mohamed Ould Ahmed Salem
    Sidi Ould Mayouf
    Mohamed Abderrahmane Ould Mohamed Ahmed
    Bâ Ousmane
    Mohamed Ould Mohamedou
    Bâ Houdou
    Mohamed Abdellahi Ould Oudaa
    Sidi Ould Samba
    Alioune Ould Issa
    Mohamed Ali Ould Sidi Mohamed


    Mohamed El Hassen Ould Elhadj
    Mohamed Yahya Ould Abdelghahar
    Sidi Mohamed Ould Maham
    Mohamed El Mokhtar Ould Zamel
    El Arbi Ould Sidi Ali Ould Jiddeïne
    Mohamed Ould Bebana
    Abdoulaye Demba Diop
    Mohamed Cheikh Ould Znaghi
    Mohamed Abdellahi Ould Guelaye
    Ali Kladiou Kamara
    Mohamed Yahya Ould Kharchy
    Houssein Ould Ahmed Elhadi
    Elhadj Abdoul Bâ


    Mohamed Ould Bouamattou (GBM-BSA)
    Mohamed Saleck Ould Bouh, Top group, Hotel Khaima
    Ahmed Salem Ould Bouna Mokhtar (Bank : Banque de l’Habitat)
    Bahaye Ould Ghadda (Fours, Cigarettes-Fari)
    Ahmed Baba Ould Ezizi (Transac)


    Mohamed Ould Elheimer
    Abdellahi Salem Ould Ahmedoua
    Mohamedou Ould Michel
    Cheyakh Ould Ely
    Diagana Youssef (France)
    Sidi Ould Ahmed Deya
    Mohamedou Ould Tijani


    Général Mohamed Ould Cheikh Mohamed Ahmed Ould Ghazouani (Chef D’état Major National)
    Colonel Mohamed Ould Mohamed Znagui (Chef d’Etat Major Adjoint)
    Colonel Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed Lemine (Commandant 6ème Région)
    Lt-Colonel Momed Lemine Ould Zamel (Chef des Forces Spéciales – Atar)
    Lt-Colonel Mekhalla Ould Mohamed (Chef 2ème Force Spéciales – Jreida)
    Lt-Colonel Mohamed Ould Zamel (Directeur des Blindés – BB)
    Lt-Colonel Mahfoudh Ould Mohamed (Directeur BCS – Etat Major)
    Ahmed Ould Hamza (Maire de Nouakchott)
    Ahmed Ould Daddah (Président du Rassemblement des Forces Démocratiques, RFD)
    Sarr Ibrahima (Président Alliance pour la Justice et la Démocratie/ Mouvement National pour la Rénovation, AJD/MR)
    Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Emmat (RFD)
    Hamidou Baba Kane (RFD)
    Yacoub Ould Moïne (RFD)
    Abderramane Ould Mini (RFD)
    Moustapha Abeid Rahmane (Rassemblement Démocratique, RD)
    Naha Mint Mouknass (Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès, UDP)
    Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed Vall (Parti Républicain pour la Démocratie et la Réforme, PRDR)
    Saleh Ould Mohameddou ould Hanenaa (Hatem)
    Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Brahim Khlil (Ancien Ministre)
    Tijani Ben Houssein (Star Oil)
    Elimane Kane (Homme d’affaires)
    Chbih Ould Ahmed Salek Ould Bouh (Homme d’affaires)
    Ousmane Kane (Gouverneur Banque Centrale de Mauritanie, BCM)
    Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Yaha (Homme d’affaires)


  2. As a child I used to hear an enjoy the famous song : ya mouritan a’lik …. mbark lasstiqlal…. l watat z zeinat wel garb we t tayyar, ahlan we sahlan bik …..ya r rais el Mukhtar( = Ould Daddah), means : god bless Mauritania ( and its independence) , the nice cars, the train and the plane, President el Mukhtar you are welcome etc.

    there was also a wonderful popular radio broadcast( balaqat) allowing family members send private messages to their families ( example: Maryem mnt Brahim ould el Mukhtar from Zoueirat wishes her sister Oulayya in Nouakchott the best and that she sends her a Melhfa with Abdallahi ould Abdel Aziz( who maybe both never have seen) who will take the Monday,s Plane..) , that means all the country new who wants to say or send something to someone. The people ( also in the former Spanish Sahara ) used to leave their doors open.

    I think the people now do miss those good and peaceful times, considering the news coming permanently from the region such as war, refugees, terrorism , drug smuggling,corruption , illegal emigration and military coups. honestly I dont trust the political class in the Maghrib, there are no statesmen who have visions and able to take the initiative or gives you hope, or if there are any they are powerless. This is our big problem . If the good will can not win, we will have no prospects. when we talk about certain things such as peace democracy, human wrights,improvement of the quality of life ,credibility,legitimacy, neighbourhood , cooperation and integration etc, we must have a clear idea of what we are talking about. instead of repeating things parrot-fashion, the politicians have to implement their ideas to show their goodwill and the way how they will deal with things when are elected(reelected).

  3. Yes Sal. For us, it is the military who brought the bad things. On top of that, those ideologies that came – through the military stupidity and incompetence – from the Middle East and from SSA as far as South Africa: Baathists, Nasserists, FLAM, nationalists from all part of the society, corruption, etc.. Yes I remember those beleghat when we were young and also radio sahara (then under the spaniards) who made us laugh when we hear of the minister for dropping and picking up (wazir rvoud we trouth) for the transport minister. All this is gone. Quelle belle période ! No war, no corruption. Recall an accountant in Rosso killing himself for embezzling 600 dollars around 1967-68. What a world now.

    Can you imagine these guys repeating 1978 in 2008? I has never occurred to them that things have changed and there is no way they can stick to power forever like baby monkey on the back of their mothers. Some went into the army as far as 1984 to make a coup 20 years later, on the instigation of heir clandestine political parties, baathiste or nasserist. And the political class is so weak and so corrupt that every dummy neighboring head of state put with ease his finger into our own affair. Recall efore the elections political leaders queuing in Tripoli to get financing and instructions. Certainly the same occured with Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Niger and Mali. Leadership is missing in the land. Sidioca is the crookest person you can ever meet and was only interested in looting through Khattou and the kids. Worse are the colonel-general cousins and their close business associates that are only looking to grab more wealth from oil, gas, uranium and few more dollars from the treasury’s coffers. Mauritania lost time since the coup in 2005: no investment, no dealing with the issue of poverty. Only looting, looting and looting. It is not occuring to them that someone else will come and kick them out as they have opened up the coups’ era again.

    Why Mauritania cannot deserve democracy like Tanzania or Mali?

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