Qaddafi and sanctions

I just heard from someone that Qaddafi is against AU sanctions on Mauritania. I have an idea of how or why this may have occurred and I’ll hopefully post it tonight or tomorrow. However, can anyone confirm this?

UpdateSahra Media is reporting on the story, if anyone comes across other sources, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Qaddafi and sanctions

  1. assalamu aleikum
    we can not compare what happened in south afrika with the mauritanian situation. Mr Thabo Mbeki was a powerful candidate of the powerful and legendary South African ANC led by the GREAT Nilson Mandella who defeated the Apartheid. So Mbeki was a powerful president elected democratically in a civil transparent process accepted even by his former whit enemies. i dont say Ould Sh Sheikh Abdullah was bad or that mauretania deserved a better president. but Ould Sh Sheikh was too weak to enforce his reformes, the strong influence of the junta continued and his afterwards hurriedly created party betryaed him and split. i think Col.Mouammar Gaddafi wants to offend Mr Mbeki because south afrika (with other countries) does not support Gaddaf’s idea of The United States of Afrika, anyway not as a middle-term african strategy.

  2. even too late, I would like also to mention that it is not important here whether the charges against Mr Mbeki are ( were ) true or not. The important thing instead is that there is an instituation in South Africa that independently investigates. This is the great distinction between a democracy and a dictatorship.

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