Fast on Mauritania

A terrible mess.

Coups are terribly inappropriate.

This is rather important. If the government runs out of money, a possibility that people in Nouakchott are taking very seriously, things could really hit the fan. Already the US has frozen Millennium Challenge funding, quite a bit of money for a country so poor as Mauritania. The junta needs money. At least some people are sending help. On the other side of things, Khattou, the country’s former first lady, was dragged from her home, kicking and screaming quite literally, to court by the Mauritanian police in order to begin her corruption trial. Her husband, still under lock-down, issued a statement condemning the murder of the 12 Mauritanian soldiers last week. He also said that he “reasserted his commitment to constitutional legality and determination to work towards the entrenchment of democratic values and the continued implementation of development programs beneficial to the country as early as things get back to normalcy in the country.” This is taking place while the AU has set  a 6 October deadline for the reinstitution of the deposed leadership (this being led by Nigeria, all countries). If Abdallahi is not restored by the deadline, the Mauritanians risk “sanctions and isolation”. And as per the recent trend, Qatar is looking to mediate, as they have in other parts of the region. Perhaps they will be more helpful or successful than the French, perhaps not (both have powerful stakes in Mauritania).


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