David P. M. Barnett on the Russian facility for joint operations:


I mean, if you want strategic allies who can go places and do stuff in a long war against radical extremism, we should be more impressed than dismayed.

But, of course, that requires us to view the situation with less emotion and to think more long term.

A friend once compared the GIS (Algerian special forces) to Spetsnaz in that both organizations identify the value of human life in their operations with the numeral 0. He also extended that to their regular military operations.


2 thoughts on “0

  1. Yeah, and now that I think of it, Sudan could be a close partner too. Now there’s a country that won’t hesitate to go on a killing rampage to pursue its interests. That’s just the kind of potent quick action the US needs in an ally!

  2. And let’s face it, if the USA had to send a brigade or two in Tijuana, they could. Russia’s victory on Georgia is not so much the success of joint operations than the pouring at very short distance of pre-positioned huge numbers of armor and a relative mastery of the sky. Considering the disproportion of forces, the Georgians didn’t fare that bad.

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