Vall is back

As of last night, I am told.

Update: Check the comments for a contrary bit of news. Confirmations pending.


4 thoughts on “Vall is back

  1. Well and I just heard that he is not involved. A friend of mine talked to his brother today, who is opposing the coup. He was saying that Ely was not involved and still is in Ireland. Furthermore I heard the assumption that the generals did the coup because they felt their influence diminishing and wanted their influence secured. THey are in fact planning (word is) an ammendment to the constitution which will establish something like a conseil militaire. Dunno wether this is the truth, I just wanted to share this counterperspective with you guys. I as well thought that Vall would be the new candidate for presidental elections. Yet I may be too easy.

  2. I think the part about the Colonels wanting to secure their influence is probably correct. Any word on what the CM would be tasked with?

    My one source said he got back last night; not sure how it can be verified, but I’ll take his brother’s word…

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