The Caucus rumbles

Pay close attention to the disturbances in S. Ossetia. It’s a major world flash point on the world shatterbelt. The Georgians took down some Russian aircraft. The Russians are moving on S. Ossetia’s capital. Doesn’t look good. Georgia won’t be joining NATO.

This could provide France the necessary cover to do whatever it plans on doing in case Abdallahi is “hypothetically” not restored in a timely manner. While the world is looking at the Caucus and the Olympics, Paris moves on Nouakchott. Or it could distract them from the issue and buy the Colonels more time. This, of course, presuming that the French position is coming from conviction, and is not just Sarkozy dancing the Sarko and playing domestic politics with the coup (or trying to dispel the idea that France may have had something to do with it via a blistering condemnation).


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