Arma mundumque cano

The Economist has a graphic showing the top five arms exporters. Naturally, the United States and Russia dominate, with only 6 percentage points of difference between them (31% and 25% of world sales, respectively). Notice that Algeria purchases 4% of Russia’s arms sales. This is the result of increased revenues from rising oil and gas prices, which have gone towards modernizing Algerian air craft and artillery in particular. The aim is at the very least to reach parity with neighboring Morocco’s Western supplied military.

It would interesting to see who the largest sellers in the “Other” category (making up 21% of the world total). China is somewhere after Sweden (somewhere in or near the top ten), going by lists I’ve seen previously. China is Russia’s largest customer, and many of its weapon exports are copies of Russian hardware. It’d be interesting to see where those copies go (and where the more notorious destinations, such as Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar, rank in the tally) . . .


One thought on “Arma mundumque cano

  1. There’s a table on the Wikipedia article on arms exports, here. China comes in 9th (Sweden 7th). Will be interesting to see whether they rise in the rankings now, with growing military expenses world political ambitions. No great-power status without huge arms industries…

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