The Germans are jealous

American Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s speech had ended an hour before and the skies over Berlin were taking on an ethereal reddish hue as the sun set. But Julian Metz was still glowing with enthusiasm. He spoke with nervous excitement, his words tumbling happily out of his mouth as if he had just lost his virginity. As indeed he had: his political virginity.

The Audacity of Angst: Why Germany Has No Obama,” Markus Feldenkirchen, Der Spiegel. 29 July, 2008. jealous

I have a feeling that this would not fly in an American newspaper.


One thought on “The Germans are jealous

  1. Thanks for this, Kal.
    You have been my selected filter for all things Magreb. (I simply don’t have time to read everything.) You have been promoted to all things Continental.

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